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Walking Dead Season 10, Release Date, Trailer And News


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After the surprise murder of 10 community members by Alpha, the leader of the “Whispers,” fans eagerly awaited the end of the season that premiered on March 31 for Fox Premium. Now, his followers want to know when The Walking Dead will continue with his next chapters.

In episode 16 of season 9 (beware! Spoiler alert), it showed how the decapitations of chapter 15 broke the communities of survivors, forcing “The Kingdom” to leave, for the moment, their home to have more chances of survival

However, winter was the true enemy of the living. The crops died, the coexistence system became unsustainable and it was so that the vast majority ventured abroad to find some way to move forward.

The biggest difference with respect to its penultimate episode was that there was no casualty. There were some tense moments that led viewers to think that this would be the end of the road for Judith or Negan, but both managed to move on alive.

The progress of the new episodes comes loaded with action and several surprises. It shows the consequences that the brutal murders that the Whispers committed in the final stretch of the ninth season have had for the protagonists. Different settlements will have to deal with post-traumatic stress and join forces to fight against the group led by Alpha (Samantha Morton).

The characters will cross the border established by the villain to enter their territory and try to end it. In advance, the Carol says that “the slut has to die,” It seems that Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), who was one of the greatest threats to the protagonists, will play a key role in this war

The plot:

This season 10 will begin a few months after the end of season 9. Winter is over and spring is in full bloom. Michonne and the rest of the communities are preparing for a war that seems inevitable.

In the comics, after beheading some members of the Allied communities and showing the horde of walkers that they had under their control and that they could use in case of a war, the Whispers seem to have everything in their favour. But its end begins with the arrival of a mysterious man at his camp. This is Negan, who asks to join the group, and although Alpha is reluctant to accept it at the beginning, after hearing Rick and his group’s plan to take revenge for the deaths of their peers, he decides to host it.

Will Maggie come back?

It is not yet known if Maggie will reappear in the tenth season after disappearing from Hilltop midway through the previous instalment. The only certain thing is that actress Lauren Cohan intends to return to at least record some chapters.

The future of Danai Gurira:

If in the ninth season we say goodbye to Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Season 10 of The Walking Dead will be the last of Danai Gurira, who will stop being Michonne after having played the charismatic survivor since the third instalment of zombie fiction. Although the news has been known for months, the actress confirmed her departure at the Comic-Con 2019 held in San Diego last July

As Norman Reedus confessed, the one in charge of interpreting Daryl, also in the last Comic-Con, begged his companion for a long time not to leave, but, evidently, he did not achieve his goal.

Trailer And The Premiere Date Of The Season 10 Of “The Walking Dead”

It shows the consequences that the brutal murders that the Whispers committed in the final stretch of the ninth season have had for the protagonists. Different settlements will have to deal with post-traumatic stress and join forces to fight against the group led by Alpha (Samantha Morton).

Although the comic is over, it is undeniable that the audiovisual franchise is in full swing. ‘The Walking Dead‘ captured the eyes of the world last night with its double panel in San Diego (along with its spin-off) ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ announcing great news and, of course, offering us the trailer for the tenth season of the zombie series.

With a release date scheduled for October 6 at AMC, season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead‘ will put us in full war with the whispers. First with a propaganda campaign and, later, with the outbreak of the conflict in what is a pressure cooker full of paranoia and post-traumatic stress.

They are not the only novelties that have revealed to us since from AMC they have confirmed that ‘Fear The Walking Dead‘, their first spin-off has been renewed for a season 6 that we will surely see in 2020. The year that we will also see the debut of the third series, even without a title, which revolves around two young people belonging to the first generation post-apocalypse zombie.

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