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Uzumaki Anime Series: Release Date, Plot, Characters, and All You Need to Know

Uzumaki is a Japanese horror manga series that has now been adapted as an anime series. Uzumaki was serialized from the original manga series that came out in 1998. The fans of the manga series are waiting eagerly for the anime to come out soon and we have gathered all the updates regarding the upcoming anime series. The manga series has already released two games and a live-action adaptation has also been made.

What are new updates on Uzumaki Anime series?

The fans of Uzumaki manga series are excited to get the anime version of the franchise. The anime series is on the way and the makers have taken up a huge project. The hype is quite high and the fans are going crazy over the release of the anime. The anime series will have all the key components that the manga series has and will be developed in black and white. Ito is the developer of the manga series and his last project didn’t do well.

He still has high hopes for Uzumaki because he believes that the anime series has a lot of potentials. The fans of the original manga series are a bit confused and worried because they feel that a great team and extremely talented graphic designers are needed to excel in this project. It would be great to see how the team faces the challenge and develops the anime series.

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What is the plot of Uzumaki Anime series?


The plot of Uzumaki revolves around an abnormal life that has been disturbed after the appearance of strange ‘spirals. The spirals appear in the human body as well and it marks the start of a new and strange life. Some strange events are happening all around the town and follow the life of two characters.

Shuichi Saito and his girlfriend Kirie Goshima try to figure out what the problem is and why things are getting complicated and problematic in the town. The horrific incidents are happening in the town and the main characters are trying to figure out the issues. The major characters of the manga series are inspirational characters and are hell-bent on finding the truth behind the mystery.

What are the crew and characters of Uzumaki Anime series?


The major characters in Uzumaki Anime series include:

  • Shuichi Saito
  • Kirie Goshima
  • Azami Kurotani
  • Keiko Nakayama
  • Mr. Saito
  • Mitsuo Goshima
  • Chie Maruyama

The crew and team behind the Uzumaki anime series include:

  • Director: Hiroshi Nagahama
  • Series Writer: Aki Itami and Junji Ito
  • Series producer: Maki Terashima-Furuta
  • Music Composer: Colin Stetson

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What is the release date of Uzumaki Anime series?

The Uzumaki anime series will release in the second half of 2020. The official release date of Uzumaki Anime series is not revealed as yet but there are rumors that the anime series will release in 2020. If you want to catch the anime series then you can watch it on Toonami programming block of Adult Swim. We don’t know the exact release date but as soon as we find new information about the release date we will keep you posted about it.

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