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Best Softwares Supporting Time Clock Technology

Time clocks are one of the advancement in modern day technology that helps in optimizing and streamlining small or large companies and business in managing their workforce, while saving time, money and keeping a check on in-out of the employees 

Time clockwork on a different basis, it may be on screen tablets, biometric systems, tablets or voice, face or work with finger-print recognition. All these are enabling the upgrading of the business to evaluate pay-rolls and labours work hours.

Best Time clock softwares:

Time clock software is an essential part in keeping the track record of total hours spent by your employee on certain tasks assigned to them. Such software gives you a visual breakdown of the hours spent on a project.


It is one of the most widely used software for time clocks that works on all three- biometric, tablet and screen clocks. It is the best way to optimize your employees. Under the software’s and the time clocks, certain benefits are seen which are:

  • Reduction of pay-roll cost by 1.2%
  • Less risk of buddy punching and time fraud
  • Authentic collection of data
  • Ensured employee ids 

The plus point to the time clocks software is that it can operate readily on iOS and android tablets making tablets on its own a clock. Using the software clocking in-out and changing jobs can be viewed with an easy and quick access to accurate and real-time information to process payroll. Using such technology will help the employees to easily punch in and out using facial recognition.

For the touch screen time clocks the software works with a tap or fingerprint recognition. Changing jobs is easier with the software and touch screen clocks where it provides the employee to be more productive and get back to work. They can view their schedules, make time off requests and select the job they are working on.


Clockify is another-cloud based software for time clocks. It automatically stores data in their timesheets. Which can later be used to generate reports, run payroll and calculate the working hours. With this it can track hours for numerous employees and displays your clock in and out of work.

The tool offers desktop apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux as well as mobile apps for iOS and Android devices with two “free” and “paid” plans that extend on with time clock features.


A software for time clock which offers much more to the technology making clock-ins easier with buddy punching-proof. The software uses facial recognition to operate and also has geotagging technologies to make sure all the entries are accurate and are done at the correct location by the right person. This will help to avoid any time fraud and will keep track of the employee attendance, which can later be used to process payroll.

 Choosing the right software

The right time clock software is very essential for working, here are some considerations to help you choose one;

  • Short-list software’s

Research on software, compare them and short-list 3-5 software that completely satisfy your requirements. You may use some comparison tools as well.

  • Read reviews and take test drives

Make sure to know about the software completely before using it, know its pros and drawbacks, later try a free trial.

  • Check upgrade prices and talk to the provider for a plan that fits your budget.

Final thoughts

Employee time tracking is the key to managing productivity , time clocks and software will give you accurate information for billing and payrolls and check-in’s , which will save you from any time fraud or buddy punching.



Mumtaz Khan
Mumtaz Khan
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