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Turn Up Charlie Season 2 Release Date Netflix, News, Cast And Review

Turn up Charlie season1 was no doubt everyone’s favorite. Many cannot wait for the release of its new season. There are few shows which are able to connect with the audience and this series is one of them. Though from the critics it did not get a very favorable response the audience’s love was immense and unconditional. You will possibly feel every emotion while watching it. Let’s get to know all about this series.

The plot of season 1 and what can we expect from season 2

The series is about a DJ called Charlie and how he is passionate to become successful in his career. He goes to every possible length to make things work for him. Interesting part of the story is that he becomes a nanny for a very spoiled daughter of his friend. He becomes great friend with Gaby while he takes care of his daughter too. Gaby and Charlie’s friendship was cute and loved by everyone. The ending of the first season wasn’t very final and concluding and there is an open room to try out something fun in the new season. What can we expect from the season 2? That is the question everyone wants to be answered probably. We can expect a lot of fun with a little comic touch to it. In season 2 we can probably see Charlie going for a world tour. We can expect to see more of Charlie’s family and also Sara and Gaby who has now started a new life in London.


The first season was quite interesting and the storytelling was simple yet unique. The character of Charlie is fun and his determination can inspire many strugglers. If we talk about Gaby and Sara their story is also cute in a lot of ways. The way they decided to be with each other was a cute scene. Critics usually don’t like such simple stories and most of them like dark themes which may be one of the reasons why it did not get a good response from the critics. It is still not clear whether the new season will focus on Charlie’s journey as a DJ or not. Many are also curious to know whether Charlie will pick Sara or Astrid. The ending was confusing which was the only thing not liked the viewers.

Cast of Turn-up Charlie season 2

With the new season arriving we are hoping to see Idris Elba as wonderful Charlie. Piper Perabo will be coming back as sweet Sara and Angela Griffin as kind Astrid. J Field will come back as David and Frankie Hervey as the young and cute Gabrielle. The last season saw magnificent performance by all these artists. They were the ones who made the series more interesting and worth watching. We can hope the same kind of exceptional performance in the new season with unique storytelling. Without good actors it’s very hard for the director to deliver what he wants to.

News about renewal status

Till a few weeks ago, Netflix has not given any confirmed news about the renewal of the series. The girl who plays Sara in the series shared her hopes of a new season very soon. The show ended with a cliff hanger making many confused so a season 2 should be arriving to clear the doubts. The season one had only 8 episodes and there was still so much to offer.

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Release date

As there are strong rumors that the renewal of this series is about to be confirmed by Netflix. We are hoping once the filming starts we can expect it to be released in April or March 2020. Till then wait for more news updates from the makers.

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