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Matt Cardona Gives Major Injury Update

Matt Cardona who is exciting fans with his powerful performances is out of action. It doesn’t seem that he will appear in a match very soon. The man who is always ready for action will not be ready for some time.  He got hurt while working for GCW’s Downward Spiral event last weekend. Matt has confirmed the extent of his injury with his fans and media alike. His twitter status and other updates reveal a lot about his condition. Here is more to this story:

Matt Cardona Gets an Injury during an Event

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Matt Cardona took his twitter to reveal the status of his injury. He got an injury during the GCW’s Download Spiral event. Since then he is out of action. The bad news is that his bicep is torn and after going through an MRI it was revealed. Here is what his twitter post looks like:

The prognosis: Doesn’t seem really good. “Got a MRI today,” Cardona tweets. “Bicep is torn. Surgery needed. Will unfortunately need to cancel some dates.”

Matt got the chance to wrestler again Blake Christian at Downward Spiral. He got hurt when Christian hit a dive at him to the outside. The best part is that even after the injury he continued to complete the match.

If this isn’t enough he even went on to win the wrestling match against his opponent. The winning moment was declared when he hit Christian with a low blow. While rolling him up with a School boy pin. He bragged about his victory after the show got complete. Similarly he chastised some fans for showing him a finger when he was going down.

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Matt Cardona’s Match with Christian & Rich Swann

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Matt Cardona wins convincingly against Christian despite getting an injury. It was his second match of the day. As earlier in the evening he had a face-off against Rich Swann at the Pro Wrestling Revolver’s Vegas vacation event. He was putting up the Impact Wrestling Digital Media Championship on the line.

In this particular match Rich Swann he emerged victorious. It ended his reign at 114 days, however this turns to be his longest reign of the title to date. The media reports don’t indicate how much time he will take to heal after a bicep injury. As he has to go through a surgery it can take about several weeks or months to heal. He is expected to miss some time but he plans to keep his fans updated regarding it.

Matt Cardona is the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion and there is no looking back. He is scheduled to defend his title against Nick Aldis at NWA Alwayz Ready. This event is to take place on June 11 in Knoxville, Tennessee. It is unlikely that Matt will be able to defend his title in this particular show. We wish the talented wrestler a speedy recovery! If you are looking for more news and updates keep checking this space.

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