Michael Cohen’s testimony before MPs in Washington was so spectacular that it was even the same time summit between the US President and the North Korean dictator in Singapore for a few moments in the shade. Donald trump’s former attorney raised serious allegations against his Ex-boss, called him a cheater and a swindler. On its own, rather inglorious role, he said: “I lied to you, but I’m not a liar.” A reformed Michael Cohen appeared before the U.S. Congress and lied to him.

Michael Cohen to for a pardon

asked Now, a few days later, claiming Cohen’s current lawyer, that his predecessor had requests for a pardon – on the explicit statement of Michael Cohen. Exactly but had denied Trumps previous sweeper in front of the Congress. Cohen should have actually lied once again, his entire testimony before the congressional Committee made. Especially since he had, in December, the deputies lied to – and was convicted.

the Background of the matter, according to a report by the “Wall Street journal” FBI RAID in to Cohen about a year ago. At the time, he was a lawyer of Trump and asked in turn about his legal representation at the President after a possible pardon. “In this time, he had (Cohen, ed.) his defenders instructed to search for Trumps lawyer Rudy Giuliani and other legal advisers of the President Trump the possibilities of a pardon,” said Lanny Davis, the current lawyer of Cohen.

he “willingly” told an untruth?

The “Wall Street Journal” that showed Giuliani at the time open to the request. The “New York Times,” he said, now only in a General way, that many of the people who had come to the attention of the Russian investigators, had asked about a possible pardon by the President. He betrayed, however, who had just asked. Already directly after the hearing at the end of February was accused of Michael Cohen, the members of the Committee “willingly” have the truth to be told, “on the national stage better,” as two members of the ruling Republicans in an official letter of complaint to write.

Senate hearing

Michael Cohen is afraid that Trump would not cede in case of defeat in the election of 2020, voluntarily


Michael Cohen had broken in the course of the last year with Donald Trump and is considered by prosecutors and Opposition as a kind of key witness for possible misconduct Trumps. As his longtime Confidant, he is likely to have direct knowledge about possible Offense. He said before the congressional Committee, for example, that he had threatened in Trumps name a countless number of people and under pressure. On demand, he estimated their number at around 500. Not should be but demonstrated that he takes it once again with the truth exactly, it is likely to be as a “witness” for all the parties Involved is worthless.

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