The negotiations on a possible denuclearization of North Korea will last, according to the assessment of U.S. President Donald Trump longer.

“The step-by-step, this is not a quick process,” Trump said at a Meeting with the South Korean President, Moon Jae In in Washington. “It will not go quickly,” he said. “If it goes fast, then it is not the right Deal.”

Trump and the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un had met last year in Singapore for the first time in person. At the end of February, a second Meeting in Vietnam. The summit in Hanoi, however, was without a final Declaration. Both sides came closer to the Central question of the removal of the North Korean nuclear weapons. The talks go on.

The US President said that another Meeting with Kim. “A third summit could take place.” Details he called. Trump stressed, however, that he had enjoyed his previous Meeting with Kim. “It was very productive.”

As a return for a disarmament, Trump provides to the impoverished and pariah North Korea’s economic development in view. Trump said on Thursday that the country had huge potential. So far, North Korea suffers from far-reaching sanctions by the United Nations and the United States. And the US government does not want to shake the sanctions, as long as the North Korean nuclear weapons program is not banned, the risk associated.

Trump stressed that the sanctions against North Korea should remain in force. You are at a fair level. “We could expand.” Currently, he didn’t want to but.

On the question of whether, as an interim step, smaller agreements with North Korea are conceivable, Trump said, this is generally not possible. However, he stressed: “at The Moment we are talking about the big Deal.” And insist on the complete abandonment of North Korea on nuclear weapons.

trump’s goal is the complete denuclearization of the country. That is, from the point of view of the US: North Korea should destroy all the nuclear weapons, the means of production for these weapons and all nuclear weapons-capable missiles.

not to pick On demand, Trump castle, at a further Meeting with Kim, possibly also South Korea to the table. “It could happen,” he said. Whether it come to this, but especially to Kim. President of South Korea, Moon do, whatever on this issue is necessary, said Trump. He praised moon’s involvement in the conflict, and said that South Korea is a great ally. South Korean President supported Trumps convergence rate compared to North Korea intense.