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Triple H Net Worth, Age, Wife, Family, Height In Feet and Wrestling

Paul Michael Levesque is better known as Triple H is a professional wrestler, actor, and business executive. He has been given a nickname of the hunter, the game, the king of kings. He debuted in WWE/WWF in April 2005 and since then there is no looking back.

Quick facts

Paul was born on 27th July 1969 at Nashua, New Hampshire. He is 6 feet and currently 50 years old. He developed a passion for sports when he was only five. He interestingly watched the WWF games and to look like his favorite wrestling stars he started a bodybuilding journey. He conquered the stage and won many championships and emerged as one of the best wrestlers in North America in a short span of time. His hard work and luck provided him with the best opportunities and he became an invincible power in WWF.

Triple H Net worth

There have not been any confirmed reports regarding his net worth as different sections of the media are reporting different things. The fans are also confused as to what to believe and what not to believe. While in 2018 definite news of his net worth was revealed by the Forbes which was estimated to be $40 million dollars. He was named as one of the richest wrestlers in 2019. He has also produced various television shows and acted in a few which are an additional income for him.

Triple H Lifestyle

Triple H is the owner of a huge mansion in Connecticut. It is no less than a dream palace. The mansion has a sauna bath, swimming pool, and a high technology gym. He owns clothes from every prominent brand and has a very big shoe collection. He signed a new contract for the WWF championship which added more bucks in his bank account.

Triple H Wife and Kids

Tripple is married to Vince McMahon‘s daughter Stephanie McMahon. His father in law is the maximum owner of WWE and he isn’t just a mere employee and a wrestler. Because of his ties with the most influential family of WWE, he stands apart from other wrestlers in the business. Many fans believe the marriage was not based on love and Tripple married Stephanie because of the gains he was getting professionally and financially. Stars are always surrounded by gossips but these gossips are not always true.

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This could be one of the reason but who knows maybe the love that he has for Stephanie is real. And it seems like that because he is a very caring man and is often seen supporting his wife whenever he can. But one cannot deny that fact that he is married to one of the richest women of today. Stephanie is the brand officer at WWE and has a net worth of $ 2 million. And that is not it, she also is an onscreen performer which makes her earn a lot of extra bucks. WWE being the main platform for the wrestling championships the future of the company seems to be really strong.

Tripple is definitely got himself lucky by marrying Stephanie. The couple who is very much in love has 3 children together. They are great parents to their children and support them at every step of their life. The family lives in a mansion which is based in Connecticut. The mansion is rumored to be huge with a sauna bath area, a gymnasium, and a swimming pool. The exact amount of the mansion is not known but it is speculated that it amounts to at least $ 50 million. The family sure is living in a lavish setting.

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