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Once Again: Streaming details, Plot, Cast and All You Need To Know

Once Again is a South Korean drama that is a long series. It has 100 episodes and the show is in the midway. The family drama has gained a lot of popularity in South Korea and other parts of the world. The show has a good cast and has a gripping storyline. The show airs every Saturday and Sunday and the weekend in South Korea is anticipated because the drama airs on the weekend.

The fans of the drama are attached to the characters as if they are real and are eager for new episodes every week. This post would be a great one for all the fans of Once Again. If you aren’t aware of Once Again and haven’t heard of the drama then this post can give you valuable information about the successful drama.

What is the plot of Once Again?

Lee Min Jung, Lee Sang Yeob, And Alex Meet Amid Tension In “Once ...

The plot of Once Again is super entertaining and has the entire ingredient that South Korean family dramas have. The drama series revolves around an elderly couple who have 4 children. The drama focuses on their third child Na Hee who is married but her married life isn’t going well. She and her husband met during their medical studies and ended up falling in love with each other.

The couple is now drifted apart and is not interested in each other anymore. The first two children of the family are a divorcee and have returned to the household to live with their parents. The show takes a new turn when a mysterious woman comes into their neighborhood and opens a shop in the market. The kimbap owner shop makes a mysterious entry and her arrival changes everyone’s life. How is she related to the main characters? You will have to watch the drama series to find that out.

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Where can you stream Once Again?

Once Again airs on KBS2 which is a major broadcasting channel in South Korea. You can catch the latest episode of Once Again on KBS2 on every Saturday and Sunday. If you don’t have a subscription to KBS2 then you can catch the drama series online.

There are some great websites to watch Korean dramas online. We would suggest you watch the drama on and The new episodes are available after the release of new episodes on KBS2. You can catch the episodes with English subtitles also.

Who is in the cast of Once Again?

Reasons To Check Out The Refreshing Weekend Drama “Once Again ...

The cast of Once Again includes:

  • Lee Min Jung
  • Lee Sang Yeob
  • Lee Cho Hee
  • Ki Do Hun
  • Oh Yoon ah
  • Lee Sang Yi
  • Song Da Eun
  • Cha Hwa Yeon
  • Lee Jeon Eun

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What is the release date of episode 53 of Once Again?

Once Again Episode 53 will release on Saturday 27 June 2020. The show airs at 19:50 the standard Korean time. The new episodes of the drama air on KBS2 first and they are later available to stream for you online.

The foreign audience who is interested to watch the new episodes of the show can catch it with English subtitles. If you are watching the drama from another country then you can check out the streaming details we have mentioned above.

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