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Kevin Owens Signs A New Deal Multi-Year Deal With WWE

All the wrestling fans anxiously wait for news and gossips about their favorite wrestling stars. There is another big update coming from the WWE world. Kevin Owens is planning to stay with WWE for more time. If sources are believed he is about to sing a new multi-year deal with the company. This has come as a surprise as his contract was about to expire in January. However with the new deal coming up he will stay with WWE for more time. If you want more details about Kevin’s contract read on below:

Kevin to sign a multi-year deal

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According to the latest news Kevin will be signing a new multi-year deal with WWE. Initially his contract was set to expire in January but he is back with a bang. Even though full details on the new contract are not out yet. It is believed that this will be a long term association. Apparently WWE officials have brought an ‘’ excellent offer’ that he couldn’t ignore. He is here to say and the company is ‘over the moon’ to sign up with the former Universal Champion. WWE has also negotiated on various deals as his contract was about to expire in 2019 itself.

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Upcoming matches for Kevin

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The latest rumors also suggest that AEW is also interested in signing up with Kevin. However the company’s offer couldn’t really match up with WWE. Kevin will feel happy to be a part of WWE as the officials have offered him something big. The top wrestler is all set to compete at the WWE Day 2 pay per view on the New Year’s Day. He will also be a part of the Fatal 4 Way along with many other top wrestling stars.

The list of other wrestling artists include Bobby Lashley, Seth Rollins and WWE Champion Big E. Kevin got the chance to originally sign up with WWE in August 2014. His fans are aware that he is a one-time WWE NXT Champion, one-time WWE Universal Champion, two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion, and a three-time WWE United States Champion.

AEW Star Marq Quen Out of action

Apart from Kevin we have a new update on AEW Star Marq Quen. He is sidelined from the upcoming events due to his injury. Although there are not enough details about his injury he will remain out of action for some time. It is not a good sign as he also had to face biceps injury last month. Marq is a part of Private party and will not take part in multi man matches with Hardy. Many fans feel disappointed as he has not commented on his injury as yet. It is to be seen how long he has to stay out of action. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated!

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