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Trigon: Space Story To Release In April

Gameforge has revealed the details about the release of their upcoming video game. Trigon: Space Story will be coming to your gaming consoles soon. The upcoming sci-fi video game will also release on PC. The team at Sernur. tech has been working hard to release the game worldwide release. We have gathered up all the latest details about the upcoming video game Trigon: Space Story.

Trigon: Space Story To Be Available In Many Languages

The players explore their galaxy in a ship of their own. They will be carrying on with their tasks and carrying out various missions. The players will be surviving out among the stars. The team has boasted that the game will be available in several languages. You can play the game in English, French, Spanish (Spain and Latin American), Polish, Portuguese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, and Russian.

Trigon: Space Story Release Date

Trigon: Space Story will officially be released on April 28th, 2022. It will be released on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Until the release of the game, you can enjoy the latest cinematic trailer.

Trigon: Space Story Gameplay

Trigon: Space Story will place the players in the captain’s seat. The fully-customizable starship will allow the players to manage everything from weapons systems and engines. They will be given the day-to-day tasks of the crew. It will be a procedurally generated universe. You will get more than nine sectors to explore.

The sectors will include 10+ individual systems. With dangerous space anomalies, gangs of space pirates, and a web of intergalactic politics to navigate the players will allow the players to strategize each approach. The myriad factors will be there to consider.

You will Outfit each ship with more than 70 different weapons. The players will be given the chance to play from the perspectives of four highly unique species. Each task will come with its own quirks and advantages. A procedurally generated roguelike universe will provide you with a new adventure every run. It will force players to truly learn the meaning of “Improvise, Adapt, Overcome”.

Trigon Space Story Features

  • Oh Captain, My Captain: It will be your show out there and it will be up to you to lead and inspire your crew. The players can make the death decisions, and create the most badass ship in the galaxy.
  • Build the Best Ship in the Stars: You can outfit the star cruiser with more than 70 types of weapons which will include the lasers, turrets, plasma cannons, bombs, drones, and more.
  • It’s a Culture Thing: During your travels, the players will encounter multiple species. Each player will be awarded their own unique qualities. The warmongering militant Rakhi, or the crafty and tenacious Earthlings.
  • Decisions, Decisions…: You find a damaged ship along with a crew that needs rescuing. You can take the noble route and save them? Or hit them when they are weak.
  • A New Adventure Every Time: A procedurally generated universe will ensure that the run is the same. It will force the players to learn and adapt. You will craft fresh strategies which will ensure victory.
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