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10 Profitable Categories for Mobile App Development

In recent times, the world is moving towards digitization. This has even increased the prominence of mobile apps in our routine lives. As a consequence, the market is now full of mobile applications. Every single business is now interested in owning a mobile app to boost its performance. The established companies are using applications to lead in the tech world. On the other hand, newcomers are using smart mobile apps just to meet their customers’ demands. All these things have encouraged mobile app development companies to build more avant-garde business apps.


Mobile applications are now leading the technological industry. When you look into the play store of Google, millions of app ideas would be available there. Also, numerous innovative new apps come every day in the market. Based on statistics, millions of mobile apps are present in different categories on the internet.

So, through this post, we have brought the list of 10 major profitable mobile app development categories. This will clear your confusion and let you find the best one.

Top 10 beneficial app categories that you can opt for:

1.     Lifestyle apps

These categorical mobile apps cover a large number of audiences. The lifestyle apps are the popular ones. Due to technological advancement, now every smartphone user can hire a taxi or book an advance appointment in a parlor. These categorical apps are used by almost everyone.

Apart from grooming and fitness, lifestyle applications also include shopping apps and many others. If we consider different statistical data, over 50% of mobile users prefer to use a shopping application to shop. Both travel and eCommerce(shopping) apps ensure to provide the highest retention rate. So, undoubtedly building lifestyle applications has always been a profitable deal for iOS/Android app development.

  1. Game apps

Based on a study done by Statista in 2018, games apps were the well-liked category. Among all downloaded app categories in the play store of Google, 25% were gaming. A game like Candy Crush alone earned 42 million dollars. This itself shows the significance and popularity of gaming apps. The gaming app domain has always been integrated with innovative features. It has seen continual evolution.

When it is associated with generating finance from a gaming app, “free-to-play” is the usual method. Even if you give an option to play a game for free to users, it is not required that you have prepared for the in-app purchases. So, it is required for you to ensure high user engagement for your gaming app. This allows you to get the desirable profit.

3. Social networking apps

Social networking applications come under the category of most favored apps by users. These are the most trending mobile applications accessible on the internet. Most of us use social media accounts and make new connections. Every single day, we used to check our accounts to post something and to check new updates. That’s why a social media platform like Facebook is reported to have 1 million active users daily.

Social media apps are not just for conversational purposes. This even allows promoting a business for free. Observing such demand for social networking sites, enterprises are now introducing more featured apps.

4. Food ordering applications

Food delivery apps are used by people all the time. Now, every individual likes to order food from an online application. Nobody wants to visit restaurants like in earlier days. On food delivery apps, one can see the list of multiple restaurants present in nearby locations.

At present, almost 25% of the restaurants have been listed on food delivery applications. This allows them to earn maximum profit. In case you are running a restaurant business, you can outsource mobile app development services to design a respective app for you.

5. Entertainment applications

Everybody looks for entertainment and joyful options. Getting the best alternative to spend happy moments has now become easy with apps like Amazon Prime/Netflix. Besides this, apps like YouTube, Spotify, HBO, BBC are also dominating the entertainment domain.

It is the fact that we all need joyful options when we are exhausted. So, it is always good for businesses to select the entertainment category for mobile app development.

6. Job search apps

At the moment, the job market is not satisfying. These days, many enterprises are not conducting walk-in interviews. So, to find out the required details regarding available job opportunities, job search apps are the best option.

Using a job-hunting application, job seekers can have a look at openings. They will not have to waste time while browsing on search engines. So, those who are thinking of starting a new business and want to get expected ROI must design Job hunt apps.

  1. Education Apps

Over the last few years, all the educational centers have stopped taking physical attendance. This condition arises as we are going through a pandemic situation. People don’t prefer to attend congested classrooms because of safety issues. Due to this approach, e-learning apps’ prominence has increased among people.

With the help of an e-learning app, users can learn new things. They can easily gather the study material and participate in mock tests.

Now, all educational institutes have their own mobile apps to connect with students. Thus, spending on e-learning mobile app development would be the correct decision for businesses.

8. Grocery apps

Groceries are mandatory to buy in daily life. People can’t live a single day without grocery items. In a report, it has been found that 70-80 % of individuals like to buy groceries using an online app.

In consequence, mobile app development companies are finding it risk-free to design grocery delivery apps. Many of you who want to start a business with maximum margin should invest in a grocery app.

  1. Banking & Finance apps

We need money to fulfill our financial needs. Most of us manage our cash with the help of a bank. But visiting the bank and drawing out money from an ATM machine can be sometimes more tiring. To handle such conditions, banking or finance apps are really helpful. These apps enable an individual to transfer money or accept payments. Now, people have the leverage to open their bank account using smartphones.

At the moment, individuals are also showing interest in using those apps that provide stock market updates. Therefore, it is worth investing in banking or finance apps.

10.  Dating apps

Recently, it has been observed that more than 2 billion people are using dating apps. This is 30% of the population present around the world. Most people now prefer to use dating apps to check the interest of others. A person usually checks their compatibility with another person whom they want to date with a dating app.

In this fast-developing world, nobody has time to search for their soulmate in libraries or malls. So, they prefer to use dating apps to fulfill their needs. The frequent use of dating apps has shown that it could be a great category for mobile app development.

Final Thoughts

Now you know what all are profitable mobile app development categories. Thus, we hope that you can select the best category for app development. Selecting the most-suited domain for designing an application will let you stand out from others. It will make you able to design a powerful and competitive app.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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