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Top Gear Season 29 Production, Release Date & All You Need to Know

2020 has been a strange year so far as the coronavirus outbreak has disturbed all the schedules. Top gear Season 29 was already working on the script and the shooting was about to begin as well. Due to safety measures, all the shootings for big movies and television shows were halted. A few days ago news started floating around the internet that the makers of top gear will be resuming the shoot very soon. Fans got really excited and started checking the news. If you are one of those people who are anxious to know all the details regarding the new season check out all the details we have for you.

What are the new updates on Top Gear Season 29?

Top gear has been produced by BBC studios and a new season is about to hit the screens. It was announced that the filming of at least 80 shows has been delayed because of coronavirus but it seems that Top gear has got a green signal. They are starting their shooting schedules very soon and we can expect the show to come out as soon as filming gets over. The show has already 28 seasons and the new season is expected to be even better than before. The makers are making sure that the new season can live up to the expectations of all previous seasons and they are back in action.

They will also promote the show on BBC one as they hope to get bigger ratings. The first shooting schedule of the series was recently completed in Cyprus and now they will focus on the local locations as going overseas doesn’t seem to be possible. The shooting will kick start in a few days and the local locations in the UK have become the possible places for shooting.

The plot of Top Gear season 29

The plot of Top gear revolves around racing. It revolves around the character Hammond which takes a part in Texas Motor Speedway. He explores the world of racing through NASCAR racing. Apart from that, he gets the opportunity to interview and talk about the lives of various NASCAR drivers. He has a great partner in driving NASCAR stock cars with his friend Kyle Petty. The story also revolves around Clarkson as he also deals with all the happenings in the NASCAR racers. He gets to give a review on the new Mercedes SLS AMG roadster. The racing which is shown in the series looks enthralling and very real. It will feel like you are about to witness a racing game for real.

When is top gear season 29 releasing and who is the expected host?

Top gear season 29 is about to release in June 2020 and this season is expected to get bigger and better. The expected hosts of this season are Paddy McGuinness, Andrew Flintoff, and Chris Harris. They are natural hosts that take the show to another level. They have been praised for their speaking skills and are among the best hosts. The show will be promoted on both BBC studios and BBC one. The big announcement has already been made by the producer of the series Charlotte Moore. She thinks it is the perfect time to produce this racing series and get the highest rating with good promotion.

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