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Sumire Gets A Release Date For Steam & Nintendo Switch

Indie developer GameTomo has released their adventure game titled Sumire. The game has been released for both Nintendo Switch and Steam. This came as surprising news for all the fans of the video games because Sumire is an expected release. A lot of buzz is going around the new and exciting game Sumire and the gamers cannot wait to enjoy the game.

Sumire Story and Plot


If you haven’t heard of the adventure game Sumire then we will update you with all the updates about the game. The game follows the story of a disenchanted girl named Sumire. The game is set in a Japanese village. Sumire sets off on a journey to find the spirit of her grandmother. On her journey, she encounters many strange characters. Many magical creatures catch her eye in the forest and the players have to face many challenges in the game. The players have to make choices but once they have made a choice then it cannot be undone. The choices you make will help you to unlock multiple endings.

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Sumire Release Date

Sumire will be releasing for Steam and Nintendo Switch on June 2nd. The official release date has been confirmed by the developers of the game. GameTomo released an official statement regarding the release date so it is confirmed that the gamers will be able to enjoy the game on 2nd June.

Sumire Gameplay

sumire gameplay

Sumire is an indie narrative adventure game. The players will play Sumire and will set out on a one-day journey through a picturesque Japanese village. A village is an enchanted place, and the players will meet a mischievous spirit who makes a deal to fulfill the desired wish of the lead character Sumire. In order to make the wish come true, the players will be given a series of tasks. The tasks must be completed before night falls. The players will play Sumire and will give the chance to accept or refuse requests from different characters that they will meet on their trip. The parents will be granted positive or negative karma. The players will have to make their choices wisely, as Sumire will not come across the same opportunity twice.

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Sumire Features

  • Sumire goes on a series of quests which will be both big and small. The players will encounter the charming forest creatures, quirky townspeople.
  • The players can Take or refuse the offers made by the characters, but be wary: because as the day progresses, the path will change and the players might not get a chance to get the same opportunity again.
  • The players can get collectibles, bonus items, tests of skill, and other hidden, treasures.
  • The players can explore a variety of amazing and beautiful environments. The game is quite scenic and is designed with a painterly style.
  • The gamers will have a one-day time limit to complete the tasks. The sky will change and with the soft twilight, all choices will be over.
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