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Top expected Movies coming out in 2020

Its winter time and 2019 is fast coming to an end. This can only mean that it’s time to think about all the great movies Hollywood has in store for us in the coming year. Although 2019 has seen an array of incredible movies brought out, it can only be expected that 2020 will have much more to offer.


Your patience is about to pay off. Movies coming out in 2020 have had most of us almost hyperventilating. This is for the sole reason that you may feel that you’ve been waiting forever for them to debut in the theatres.

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The long-awaited follow-ups such as No Time to Die, featuring James Bond, Bad Boys, and Legally Blonde are finally near our grasp. You can now comfortably start planning those weekend trips to the theatre.

Even so, you may be faced with challenges to get enough time to catch your favorite movie debut in the theatre near you. If you are cramped up with school work, Ez Assignment Help is always there to help you with your assignment as you find time to catch your favorite movie.

Let’s take a look at some of the top movies expected to grace our screens in 2020.

Bad Boys for Life

Featuring Will Smith (Mike Lowery) and Martin Lawrence (Marcus Burnett), this incredible TV drama is set to debut on January 17th after 17 years.

It is the third installment in the Bad Boys series and promises to involve a lot of drama and action as the previous two.

This time round, Bad Boys for Life takes the two witty and hardcore undercover cops to the city of Miami. The cops delve into the deep underworld of Miami drug cartels.

Legally Blonde 3

This is another long-awaited movie set to debut on February 14. What better Valentine’s Day gift than a movie experience?

In the third series of the Legally Blonde movies, Reese Witherspoon appears to be having an incredible moment. Although very little has yet to be released about the movie, it only expected that Reese Witherspoon would continue making her Instagram presence known with videos and photos alike.

The Gentlemen

Over the years, lovers of the movies by Guy Ritchie have been wondering where his action-filled films were gone. For a while now, director Guy Ritchie has been trying to pout new exploits with the likes of Aladdin, King Arthur, and Legend of Sword.

Worry no more. Guy Ritchie is going back to his action-thriller roots with the production of The Gentlemen. Set to grace the theatres on January 24, this action-packed movie is set in ancient times before 1900. Between the numerous heists, fast talkers, and bullets galore, this movie is swiftly shaping up to be a career-maker for the director.

Gretel and Hansel

You’ve probably heard or seen movies depicting the German fairy tale of two siblings, Gretel and Hansel, who were lost in the woods and found themselves being dinner target for a savage witch.

Well, there have been quite a number of movies that run along with this story. Generally, none of them have been quite outstanding, and some have gone even further off the rails to make a joke out of the tale.

However, come January 31st, you will get to enjoy a pretty straightforward version of the story. Sophia Lillis leads the cast of the movie as Gretel, and Sam Leakey makes a film debut as Hansel, the younger brother to Gretel. Veteran actress Alice Krige takes up the role of Holda, the witchю

To set itself apart, this movie has had a character change in the title and promises to have creepy and true to the source story of the two siblings and the witch.

The Lodge

If you are a fan of horror movies such as 2019’s Midsommar and 2016’s Hush, then you are in for a big treat in 2020. The Lodge is a horror movie depicting the terror of isolation and a real moment of horror. It presents a deep feeling of fear compounded by the fact that there’s literally nowhere to run to.

Grace is a disturbed woman who tries as much as possible to connect with her fiancé’s kids. As much as she tries, she doesn’t go through. It’s quite hard to determine whether what is happening to her at the moment is as a result of her troubled past.

Free Guy

Free Guy is an action-comedy movie set to debut in the summer of 2020. It has been directed by Shawn Levy of “Stranger Things,” stares Ryan Reynolds. The funny thing is that Reynolds played the same character twice and accomplished totally different results.

Free Guy is a story of a bank teller Guy (Reynolds) who comes to find out that he is a character in a brutal video game.

Reynolds is united with fellow actor Taika Waititi, having both acted in the 2011’ Green Lantern movie.

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Brace for a Dramatic 2020

With such movies debuting in 2020, it’s only expected that you will have immeasurable fun all through the year.

Although we’ve listed these movies here, there are other great movies to watch out for, as well. You can expect movies such as Fast and Furious 9, The Croods, and West Wide Story, among many more to keep you entertained throughout the year.

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