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Dual Universe: Release Date, Trailer & All Updates You Need To Know

Dual Universe is an interesting multiplayer game that can be played online. The design of the game features a sandbox and the players have the opportunity to access all the control. The environment can also be changed based on your requirements and creativity. The game has been developed Novaquark. It has inherited a lot of aspects from many other games and the developers plan to make it even better for the players. The game has taken various elements from Eve Online, Star Citizen, Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, and Space Engineers. You can play this social gameplay with players or alone. You can explore, mine minerals, craft products, and trade economics along with this strategy of warfare.

Dual Universe Plot and Updates

The developers of the game have adopted a server Technology and the multi-player access can easily happen between two players. The processing speed of the game can be adjusted according to your requirements. The gameplay is smooth and you can reduce the time delay according to your choice. You can play explore and mine minerals with other players or play it all alone. The process of developing this game started in 2016 and it has been getting various updates since then. The stability of the clients is providing a lot of help to users. The game is usually played with the first-person perspective and the environment which is created inside the game looks real and appealing. The game has been developed using the latest technology like Continuous single-shard cluster (CSSC). The gaming experience is enhanced and the players can have a good experience while they play their favorite games. People from all over the world play this game and they all come together in the same Universe.

Dual Universe Gameplay

The Gameplay of Dual Universe shows you the back story of what will happen in 2027. People have discovered the neutron stars and how they collide with the solar system on the earth. The scientists of each space have been coming up with good strategies and it has taken 498 years for them to leave the planet earth. The characters in the game will find new planets to stay on. All the massive objects are carried by Ark ships and men and materials will be transported from one place to the other. The Ark ships are full of people and they begin to flee from the earth to other galaxies. The ships are in search of a planet to stay on and their final destination happens to be in the 2027 solar system on Earth. Nowadays in most games, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the prominent things used in the development of the game. The game is updated frequently so the players can play the game with convenience. There is a big landscape where you can add or remove materials or even harvest raw mineral resources. You can explore the minerals and collect them along with your players. You can also craft new products and make challenges and new strategies for politics and warfare.

When is Dual Universe releasing?

Dual Universe will be releasing on October 24th 2020 because the major development of the game has already been completed. It will be getting a final test before the game officially arrives for the players. The alpha version of the game will come out later in October the final game will be launching.

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