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Where can I watch free movies and TV shows online?

Most of the people prefer to watch movies or their television shows online as it saves their time and they don’t have to sit for long hours waiting for their favorite show or movie to be on air. The advertisements are also disturbing for many people and they don’t have to patience to wait for the show or film to be back after the break. Long ad breaks also disturbs the flow of a show.

Nowadays there are lots of free sites which are legal and don’t necessarily ask you to pay money before you download your film or TV show. It’s a difficult task though, as there are many sites that require you to either fill personal information or ask for payment. Here is a list of websites where you can watch your favorite stuff for free.

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Pluto TV

Pluto TV has been gaining a lot of attention recently. It provides free access to your favorite films and television shows through online streaming. It has become more trustworthy since it became partners with some of the reputed brands.


Tubi is another good option to watch free movies and television shows online. They have a very good streaming library. The exciting this is that they provide a collection of classic as well as new age films for free.

Sony Crackle

Sony crackle is a powerhouse when it comes to entertainment. They produce some of their own shows and also provide free online streaming of various hit shows and films. If you want to enjoy your weekend binge watch your favorites on Sony crackle. Many people love to watch friends here.

CW seed

CW seed is a perfect choice for all entertainment lovers. They have such a wide selection of films and shows to choose from, you name it and they have it. You will never be bored if you visit CW seed. They also have some of the exclusive lineups of their freshly produced shows. You can also do live streaming of your favorite channel and enjoy.

Shout Factory TV

Shout Factory TV has a wide collection of television shows, films, and exciting reality shows. They also have some of the best game shows available on it.SNL, Dick kavet show or any other interesting program they have it all on their TV. The streaming on this channel is very smooth and you hardly have any problems here. Enjoy your weekends to the fullest with this amazing shout factory TV.


Vudu is widely used to stream your favorite shows or films for free. They also sell movies on rent and viewers can also purchase a great lineup of films from here. This platform is fun but you just have to watch a few ads and the rest is provided to you for free. There is a good collection of animated movies here which kids can watch and enjoy in their free time. If you love something and watch it again then purchase your favorites for free.

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YouTube is one of the most noteworthy entertainment channels. There is hardly anything missing from here. You just write the name of the song, film or television show and they will provide you with a lot of videos. No matter how many streaming options people have but YouTube remains their all-time love.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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