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Top 8 Best Offline Games For iPhone 11/11 Pro /11 pro Max 2020

The Internet can be accessed by almost everyone these days. But there may be times when our internet is not working or is getting fixed. For those times we need some entertainment to kill our time. If you have a limited data plan and are upset about how you will spend your free time you don’t have to worry anymore. iPhone offers many games that are compatible with offline status. Your iPhone is a powerful device and you don’t really need internet all the time to get to enjoy the wonderful games. There are several amazing games that can entertain you offline but we have listed down the best 8 offline games that you can play on iPhone 11/11 pro/11pro max in 2020.

Alto’s Adventure

If you are a fan of skiing adventures this one is for you. Ski down the lands of Andes and have the time of your life. Pick coins to make you strong in the game and avoid all the obstacles to make your path to success.

Monument Valley

Are you a fan of M.C. Escher and never has the chance to see the master paintings by him? Well, you can get a chance to have a look at the impossible painting by playing Monument Valley. You will play the character of Ro who is a little girl wandering around the building that are colorful and bright. Finding the path and overcoming the obstacles is what the main challenge will be for you.

Bad land

You play as a black colored ball which is left in the big bad world where all the dangers point towards you. There are traps and hazards that you have to avoid in every way because you don’t want to die. The gameplay is outstanding and you would want to come back again to play the game. The creepy music and the challenging game plan is very exciting and interesting.

Drop 7

The gameplay is very simple in this offline adventure. You will be presented with a 7*7 grid and there will be balls which are completing white or have a number stamped on them. You have to match the balls which are the same numbered and the path gets clears for you. It is a lot like the famous Facebook game Candy Crush.

Mini Metro

Mini metro has a beautiful interface and allows using real city maps to create your own mass transit system. The station you have an unlimited and the trains are unlimited. You have to work your way out to come out as a winner in the game. The maps and the layout are beautiful and so real that it reminds you of the real transits.

Civilization VI

The latest instalment of the world strategy game is now available on iPhone and you can even play it offline. In the game you play a ruler and form the rules of the world to make it a better place. You are allowed to use the real world rulers and locations.

Star dew Valley

You are able to run your own farm and picture yourself living in a farm in your virtual life. The game play is simple and interesting and it is surely going to make your next subway ride entertaining.

New York Times Crossword

The game offers you brand new puzzles every day. You can also play from the archive section because it is lined up with many interesting puzzles that have come out in the past. You just have to subscribe to the New York Times Digital subscription and you are good to go.

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