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Top 5 Movies Similar To Jumanji

Jumanji is an American fantasy adventure comedy film which is directed by Jake Kasdan. There are many films and games which have come out and are quite similar to the adventure film. Jumanji has managed to win critics and fans alike and if we talk about box office it has made many records too. There are many movies that are similar to Jumanji and fans are excited to catch up with them so they can know if they are as good as Jumanji or not. Let us discuss the 10 movies which are similar to Jumanji.


Night at the Museum

Night at the Museum is a comedy fantasy film and it has a similar plot to Jumanji. Fox Film has produced the movie and the movie got popular because of the talented cast and good story. The major cast of the movie involves Ben Stiller and Richard Van. The story revolves around a museum where you will witness a lot of magical powers.

Journey to the center of the earth

Journey to the center of the earth is directed by Eric Brevig and has a good concept of Sci-fi adventure. The story revolves around a professor and his nephew and they both take an adventure of Iceland. When they are out on the adventure they get to meet several creatures and powerful magic forces are all around the area.

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Inkheart is a British American film and the theme revolves around fantasy adventure. The film is directed by Lian Softley and it did great business at the box office too. The story revolves around Mo and his wife Resa and they read an interesting fairytale to their baby Meggie. When the baby grows up they go to a book shop and buy their favorite book Inkheart.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The lion the witch and the wardrobe

The Chronicles of Narnia is a fantasy film and it has done great business at the box office. It is an epic fantasy series and the film is produced by Walt Disney Pictures. The film stars William and Noah Huntley and they have given great performances. The story revolves around the time in which world war broke out and people are confused about what to do. Britain was facing threats from all over the world and their economy was going nowhere. The film is made with so much reality that you will like everything about it. It has done record business and earned millions at the box office.

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Where the wild things are

Where the wild things are is based on a children’s book which is one of the bestselling books of all time. The costumes, characters and computer-generated graphics are high ends and this is why the film worked very well in the box office. The film stars the talented Max Records and Catherine Keener is also working as the main lead. The film is based on an animation style and we know how popular animated films are these days. The new technology and graphical techniques used in the movie have been appreciated a lot. In fact, a lot of other producers are also looking to make such films for the audience in the future as well. The film revolves around Max who goes into a magical world full of creatures. It has done great business at the box office and has got a repeat value.

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