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AQA Gives Major Update On Her Pro Wrestling Future

The popular AEW star AQA is deciding to step away from professional wrestling. For now no confirmation is given on why she is taking this decision. However according to the recent updates that this business is taking a toll on her mind and body. There is no doubt that being inside the ring can be mentally and physically. Even though she was pushing it through but it was getting more than difficult to continue with it. Some wrestling are not happy with her decision but they continue to support her all this while. Here are more details about this story:

AEW Star AQA Steps Away From Pro Wresting

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AEW star AQA is ready to share an important piece of news with her fans. She has decided to step away from professional wrestling. Here is what she has to say in one of her social media post:

“For the past few years, both mentally and physically, I have not been in a great place with wrestling, and silly me, I kept pushing through because I didn’t want to be seen as weak. But it only sucked the fun out of every opportunity I had.”

The 25-year old wrestling star is giving dedicated performances in AEW. However, it seems that her successful run will be over very soon. She will spend some time in reflecting on what path is suitable for her. In the meantime she is thanking AEW and the officials for giving a great time in the company. Similarly she doesn’t shy away from thanking every opponent, trainer, promoter and fans who have helped her grow. Even if anyone else has crossed paths during her career, she remains humble to give a good opinion for them.

AQA signed up with AEW in February. Her debut was a championship match at ‘AEW Dynamite’ against TBS champion Jade Cargill. However, in the very first match she had to face a loss. Apart from that she had other six matches for the company. Almost all of them were for the “AEW Dark” or “AEW Dark: Elevation” YouTube shows. AQA also became a part of the Ring of Honor Supercard of Honor “Zero Hour” pre-show. In this particular show she turned out to be a winner against Miranda Alize.

AQA Has Been A Part Of WWE Before Joining AEW

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Before joining AEW, she has been a part of WWE’s developmental system. She signed up with the company in January 2021. Interestingly she made any sporadic appearances on “WWE NXT”. Her in-ring name was Zayda Ramier. Her tenure in WWE could last only for a year. However, she is among those individuals who were released by the company due to budget cuts. According to some reports that she was “medically disqualified” due to health issues.

AQA got training from Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling School. She is a two-time former ROW Diamonds Division Champion. If this isn’t enough she has won the title in 2018 and 2019. Bother her reigns lasted for combined 231 days. Her very last match happened at Warrior Wrestling where she challenged Athena only to become unsuccessful. The promotion of Women’s championship last month couldn’t turn out to be in her favor.

News regarding her potential retirement has come as a shock for Booker T. The hall of famer has praised the wrestling star heavily. He believes that this rising star could do much more than this in her career. With her departure from AEW AQA joins Lio Rush and Big Swole who have left the promotions. However, fans will still hope for her comeback inside the ring at some point in future.

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Fans Divided Over Supporting AQA’s Decision

Despite having a short career, fans seem to be divided over the issue of her departing from AEW. All her fans are dedicated to her but some of them are not happy with her decision. Some twitter users are shocked with her plans and decisions.  However another handful of fans have harshly criticized All Elite Wrestling. They are blaming it all on the promotions and Tony Khan. It seems that they feel that it was Tony’s decision that led her to leave the industry.

AQA has won the hearts of many wrestling fans in a short time. They have watched her perform in AEW and it will be interesting to see what is next for her. For now, AQA has not reflected on what she will do next. She is only 25 years old and has a long way ahead in her career. If she decides to make a comeback after sometime every fan will happily accept her. Do you want this wrestling star to return to professional wrestling? Will she be able to give good performances in future? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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