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Royal Jordanian: The Best Airlines in Jordan

Royal Jordanian is the national carrier and airline of Jordan. It is based in Amman, Jordan. The airline operates to 90 Cities of the world and is a grand airline that offers the best international and domestic carrier services.  The airline offers extremely comfortable and convenient travel to its passengers. In this post, we will be talking about Royal Jordanian Airlines and will also be sharing the contact details of the airline.

What is the travel policy released by Royal Jordanian Airlines during COVID-19?

Royal Jordanian is offering flexible options to the passengers in case of the cancellation of flights during the lockdown period. The passengers who have been affected by flight suspensions between 1 January 2019 – 7 September 2020 and who have a Travel Validity between 17 March 2020 – 30 September 2020 will have to follow the following travel policy to get a refund or reschedule their flight.

Reservation Date Change:

  • Reservation date change penalties will not be charged if the flights get canceled due to the closure of the airport.
  • A 5% discount will be given on the fares.
  • Passengers have the option to re-validate their tickets before 31 December 2020

Voucher (EMD) is offered:

  • This will offer the passenger flexibility to fly with the airline again, the passengers can also choose from the following options:
  • A travel voucher that is valid for two years.
  • The refundable Voucher is valid for one year.
  • Voucher/EMD value gives the passenger’s family members to use the voucher
  • Refund is processed according to the law of the country

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What are the travel extras facilities allowed by Royal Jordanian?


Royal Jordanian offers extra services to make your journey easier. You can now travel with extra luggage because the airline will accommodate to store them safely for you. You can also book your favorite hotels in advance so that you can check in conveniently upon your arrival. The passengers are also given lounge access where you can spend your waiting period comfortably. The car rental services are also available at affordable prices.

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What are the contact details of Royal Jordanian?

RJ London Heathrow Contact Number

The contact number of Royal Jordanian in London Heathrow is  020 7878 6300 08719 112 112. You can get in touch with the support team 24/7 on this number. 020 7878 6300. You can also call on this number for reservations and bookings. This is a free contact number and you don’t have to pay any extra money for calls.

Reservations Fax and Email in London Heathrow Office

Fax Number at London: 020 8748 5251

Email Address for London Office: [email protected]

London Office Details for Royal Jordanian Airlines

You can get in touch with the Royal Jordanian at their London office at Hammersmith. The contact details and address for the Hammersmith office are given below:

Telephone Number: 020 7878 6333
Fax Number: 020 8748 5251

Telephone Number for Sales only : 020 7878 6333 & 020 7878 6300

Royal Jordanian Airport Contact Details

You can also contact Royal Jordanian at the Airport in London. This is the contact number:

Contact Number : 020 8897 8319

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