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Top 10 Musical.Ly Stars In The Year 2019 is one of the most trending apps on social media, and it becomes more and more popular among individuals of all ages. Many people spend their time on musically. But for many people, it’s the way of earning where they show their unique talent to the world and the world appreciate them and follow them. Here you know each and everything about those top 10 Stars of


1- Lea Elui Ginet:

Lea Elui is a French girl. Lea Elui Ginet is one of the most famous stars of 2019. Lea Elui is also an emerging YouTube star. She is also active on Instagram. Lea started her career in the internet world through She is an outstanding dancer, especially a belly dancer. Firstly, she posted her dance video, and she became famous. She is a professional belly dancer. Lea demonstrates her skills on the superb app, and her followers increased day by day. She got about 10 million followers and 285 million hearts on her videos.

In the beginning, she also posts her dance video on her you-tube channel. She also accepts the challenge (such as swalla challenge, belly challenges, pole challenge and many more) on, made videos and posted it on her YouTube channel. Lea Elui gains much fame by her YouTube channel.  Lea Elui also posts her reaction videos in which she reacts on other YouTube videos. Nowadays, she started to post her make-up tutorials, videos and tricks on her viewers demand.  Her followers also requested her to make a salsa video, and she takes up the request.

2-Lucky Dancer:

His full name is Arhan Khan, an inhabitant of Delhi, India.  As his name expresses his talent ‘dancer’. He gains popularity because of lip-syncing and dancing short video clips on the musically app. He makes videos with Arishfa khan, and it was heard that they both are in a relationship. He got 9.7 million followers on platform and received 308 million hearts on all video clips. Lucky is the very young musically star among all as only 18 years old.

3- Faiz Baloch:

Faiz Baloch is the musically star who born in Mumbai and has craze of modelling, acting, and singing. He got 9.4 million fan followers on musically and 452 million likes on all his content. Faiz Baloch is also a member of Team07. He became famous for his great acting skill and fashion styles, mainly on Instagram. He also makes duets videos with Mr Faisu, Adnan and Hasnain. Faiz got a badge of Crowned Musically tiktok because of its excellent acting skills

4- Savannah Soutas:

Savannah Soutas is a multitalented lady. She is one of the most famous social media stars. She is an American, fashion blogger and a highly trained photographer. Savanah has round about 1.6M followers on Instagram. She is a top trending star. In the year 2016, she has 7M followers on Savannah has a daughter, named Everleigh.

Savanah has a unique talent in photography. She wanted to start her career as a professional photographer, but due to lack of resources, she can’t. Savannah instantly takes an interest in ‘ ‘ app and made videos with her beloved daughter and upload them on social media. Savannah impressed the viewers by her unique and adorable style and by eye-catching skills of her daughter. She gained much popularity by of her style and her daughter heart touching moves she attracted a massive amount of viewers and became the most popular user of

5- Arishfa Khan:

She is also a top popular Social media star. As she loves acting, so she starts her career with acting in her childhood in the year of 2012. She is followed by 9.4 million fan followers and 256 million likes on the musically app. Not only has this, but she also had its own YouTube channel where she discusses tips for fashion and beauty. The specialty of her videos is because of poetry videos but also dancing and lip-syncing.

6- Aashika Bhatia:

Aashika Bhatia is also an Indian legendary social media star. She has a special talent for acting. Surprisingly, she also plays the role of sister in Bollywood movie ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ with superstar Salman khan. She possesses brilliant skills in acting. On platform, she demonstrated her great skills and became a rising star. She attains approximately 9.3M followers and roundabout 204M likes.

7- Nagma Mirajkar:

She is also a musically star included in top 10. She uploads many videos that mainly consist of Comedy, dancing and lip-syncing. Nagma Mirajkar crossed up to 8.9 Million on musically and known as Crowned star musically. She first blinks her eyes in Delhi, India. She makes many duets with Awez Darbar, so there are rumours about Nagma and Awez Darbar that they both are in a relationship.

8- Mamta Achariya:

Mamta Achariya is also one of the most popular Musically stars, lives in India, She becomes popular on musically just because of her Cute and killer smile, hot personality, awesome looks and also by her style. She is also one of the younger Tiktoker on a platform that is only 19 years old and from Bengali family. On Instagram, she got 75K+ followers and 5Million followers on musically through which she starts her career.

9- Malu Trevejo:

Malu Trevejo is also a top trending star. She has more than 2M followers on Malu has 5M followers on Instagram. She is a Cuban born American.  On her YouTube channel, she constantly posts video clips on fashion, dancing, and vlogs. She also uploaded images and videos on Instagram. In a short time, she gained much fame and became the leading social media personality. When app was launched, Malu made her lip-synced videos to her favourite songs and uploaded it on this amazing app which gave her sky-high fame.

10- Holly H:

Holly H is also an active famous social media star. She has achieved sky-high popularity as a “Muser” and “Viner“. Holly H made her lip-synced and dance video, and upload them on In 2015, she made video clips on Vine and achieved a million of subscriber but unfortunately that video app was downed. She also has a youtube channel. She has 460k followers on musically.

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