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Top 10 Best TV Shows on Netflix Canada

Netflix is gaining worldwide popularity since it has been releasing original content for it users. They also provide downloads of your favorites television shows. In Canada, people watch most of their favorites on Netflix. Let’s take a look at the top ten series on Netflix Canada and include them in your list

Stranger things

Stranger things is most loved by the viewers because it depicts a variety of concepts like sci fi, thriller, romance all weaved together. The narrative is also done in a meaningful way. The good performance of the cast is being widely appreciated.

House of cards

There is a lot of hype surrounding the house of cards. It has won an Emmy award for its great screenplay. Netflix produced drama that tells the story of US politics in a unique way. There is no single boring scene and you will be engaged throughout.

Master of none

Master of none depicts the relationships of various people in a unique way. Some of the episodes might be boring but later it picks up the pace and delivers some of the best episodes.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror comes up with four seasons and each season is interesting than before. You will enjoy most of the episodes.

13 reasons why

This is another realistically depicted story about a girl who releases a video about her getting bullied by her school mates. It’s an eye opener for one and all.

Orange in the new black

This drama is based on the real life experience of some prisoners. It’s interesting and engaging and you will love this drama.

Bo jack Horsemen

Bo jack horsemen is an animated drama about a horse, the story is beautiful and can be great fun for kids to watch. Dont forget to watch it with all your family.

The unbreakable Kimmy

This drama depicts the story of a girl who is trapped in a bunker for a long time. When she comes out she is determined to have a normal life. This is another interesting for you to binge watch.

Marvel’s daredevil

Marvel’s daredevil is an interesting presentation from Netflix. It’s a superhero drama with a lot of good action scenes. You will fall in love with it as most people in Canada are too.

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Sense 8

This is another unique presentation by Netflix. It tells the story of eight people who come together as their thinking is alike. They are connected from various areas of the globe. This drama has been coming out in many seasons.

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