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Top 10 Best Horror Movies On Netflix

There are some occasions when the need arises (or rather, foolishness) to watch horror movies. And, although it seems strange … we are addicted to fear and tension!


That’s why we made a selection of best horror movies on Netflix. Gather your friends, your boyfriend, and even your family and get ready for a screaming marathon!


Attention with this horror tape! It is not necessarily from scares and unexpected noises. It is a genre that has taken a lot of strength in recent months, which is paranormal terror, where you can see strange beings surrounding the life of mortals.

In this case, in “The Witch” you will see an exiled family, who will experience chilling events, and everything gets worse as they suspect the presence of witches in their environment. A beauty of tape.

  1. CASE 39

Let’s forget for a moment about Renee Zellweger as the adorable Bridget Jones, in this movie she plays a social worker who adopts a girl who was about to be killed by her parents.

Everything is going well until the plot is complicated and takes an unexpected turn to show us that the little girl was not as innocent as she seemed. Be careful, Renee!

  1. HOSTEL:

If you are more inclined to horror movies, you will definitely love this tape. But we warn you: it is for hard stomachs … and in fact, it is said to be inspired by real events. This plot follows the story of a group of friends who go backpacking in Europe. Everything is nice … until one of them disappears.

While they are following the clues of where they might be, they discover a terrifying place, where indescribable murders are carried out. And while there is the possibility of escape … could one really forget such a place?

  1. CREEP:

What we love about this movie is the tension it develops. Here, a man bumps into a stranger, whose behavior is ultra-disconcerting. The lighting, the looks, the creepy details … is to get on your nerves.

The best part is that on Netflix the second part is also available, in case yours is that fear factor where you do not know what you are seeing and your mind implores to turn your eyes.


Yes, there are some details that scare us, but we believe that this film is intended for absolute fans of the horror genre, since we will see the classic characters of these films that we love so much, to be used in a rather peculiar way. A total genius. Do you think it will scare you? Seeing Chris Hems worth is a good comfort 😉


Ok, we cheat a little because this is not a movie, but it is the Netflix horror series that everyone is talking about! In fact, several media specialized in film criticism have said that episode six is, in fact, the best horror film so far this year.

Hidden ghosts, a hard past to forget and how to face fears well buried in the heart. A masterpiece.


When it comes to terror, macabre children are a recurring factor. In this story, a little boy begins to read the book of Babadook and begins to have visions about this creepy being.

The problem? Maybe the visions are much more real than your mother thinks. You simply cannot turn off the light at night!

  1. MOM:

Without a doubt, Guillermo Del Toro is one of the masters of cinema, and to prove it we have this film inspired by one of his short films.

Here you will see Jessica Chastain leaving all the glamor behind to interpret a woman who is not looking for a family at all.

Unfortunately, two little ones come to their power after living abandoned in a terrifying cabin. Over time, you will realize that the girls were not as alone as they seemed.


After playing Ouija with some friends, a teenage girl becomes a target of dangerous supernatural presences that threaten to harm her entire family. The scariest thing? It is inspired by real events! We recommend you watch this accompanied Netflix horror movie and be ready to scream.

  1. HUSH

A deaf and mute woman is attacked inside her home, so she will have to find creative ways to get out of this fatal encounter alive. Expect high doses of craving and stress because she cannot communicate and you will feel the same despair as she.

Teodora Torrendo
Teodora Torrendo
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