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Top 10 Best Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch Online Movies And TV Shows

Internet once again has solved our lives. Meet 10 of the best TV streaming sites.

Today we no longer need to go to a record store to acquire the latest release of our favorite artist because we can download it from our computer or phone, and the same thing happens with movies. In some ways, cinema has become an entertainment experience, rather than the means to meet new film proposals. For true fans, the billboard is very limited, the waiting time for the premieres is very long, in addition to being an expensive hobby. But the Internet has once again solved our lives. Meet 10 best free TV streaming sites.

  1. YouTube:

The No.1 free TV streaming site is the YouTube you can find everything here. Too many free movies, TV shows are available on YouTube, include many public domain movies from different channels. The other main thing is that different big sites like Popcornflix host different movies and TV shows from YouTube.

On YouTube, there are too many amazing action movies and TV shows are available like Recoil with Danny Trejo if we talk about the classic then Puppet master and many more. You can watch everything on YouTube that you want to see because YouTube is a legal and free TV streaming site.

  1. Crackle

In this streaming service, you will find movies, television programs, and the occasional original material. A point in favor is that, you don’t have to have an account, however, if you do, you can save your favorite tapes, receive recommendations and be able to resume playback.

What movies can you find?

Remember that the list of films changes periodically, so this count may not be found in its entirety. Among the most popular and classic tapes are A Few Good Men (Question of Honor), Aliens, The Big Lebowski (The Great Lebowski) and The Natural (The Best).

  1. Viewster

Viewster is the place where you can find up-to-date, new and old movies, TV series, Interviews of Film stars and many more. The main focus of viewster is anime, in Viewster you can easily find a collection of movies and you don’t need to create an account here to watch all the TV series like Murder Princess and movies like Street Fighter II.

  1. Vudu Movies on Us

On this website, you have to choose between 1000 movies, and all, totally free. The only thing they will ask you is that you create an account since this service lives on advertising.

What movies can you find?

Here you will have a wide panorama of classic, independent and jewelry tapes such as Beetlejuice, Glory, The Karate Kid (Karate Kid) and Paddington. So you better go and make the list with your favorites.

  1. FreeDive

This new service belongs to the movie base owned by Amazon. There you can watch tapes and TV shows.

What movies can you find?

You can enjoy movies like Foxcatcher, Glory (Times of Glory), Memento (Amnesia) and Run Lola Run (Run, Lola, Run). Remember that this service can only be seen through your computer or Amazon Fire TV devices.

  1. PopcornFlix

Popcornflix provides you a huge amount of movies and TV series with limited ads. Popcornflix is same as Crackle because you can find here all types of movies and series include, Action, Comedy, Horror, Drama, Thriller, and Romance. All the movies and series on Popcornflix are divided into different categories like a year, newcomers, staff selection and many more. Because of these types of division, you can easily find any movie or TV shows that you want to watch online with this free TV streaming website.

  1. Tubi TV

Another service that you may like very much is Tubi TV, due to the number of commercial movies it has. If you like the films of the studios of Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount, you came to the right place.

What movies can you find?

You have to choose between 15,000 films, according to a specific company representative. So run so you try to see them all. One thing, go to the part of the featured tapes, there you will find some of Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix.

  1. Pluto TV

May this website is one of your favorites, because not only will offer movies but also live TV channels.

What movies can you find?

It is difficult to specify how many tapes you have in your catalog, however, some of them are Adaptation, Batman Begins, Layer Cake (Organized Crime) and Fly Away Home (Flying Home).

  1. Classic Cinema Online

According to its name Classic Cinema Online this TV streaming website show you the old and classic type movies. It online streams free movies and TV shows and you can find hundreds of classic, action, fight, comedy and many other movies. 20’s, the ’30s, 40’s all year of movies are available on Classic cinema online free streaming sites till 2019. The other important feature of classic cinema online free streaming site is you can easily find your favorite actor movie with the actor name or you can also find movies and TV shows by the entering the release year.

  1. Kanopy:

This service originated in Australia, is free of ads, so check it out. Among its catalog, you will find independent films and documentaries.

What movies can you find?

The list is long, but her best collection are: Lady Birdy Moonlight, Donnie Darko, Ex-Machina (Ex-Machine).

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Teodora Torrendo
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