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Tom Zanetti Net Worth, Bio, Age, Career, Relationships, Controversies & More

Tom Zanetti is a popular British DJ who is known because of his talent and hard work. Many people like to dance on his beats and enjoy to the fullest. He has released many albums so far but one of his most prominent works is “You Want Me’’. This song became a big hit and also features Sadie Ama, another prominent singer. You will not be surprised to know that Tom is also a member of the most popular list of DJs. Apart from that he is Club promoter and a DJ while he started his work at the nightclub Insomnia. If you want to know more about Tom Zanetti here are more details about it:

Bio & Early Life

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Tom Zanetti was born on July 2, 1989 in United Kingdom. He lived with parents and they were always very supportive of him. As he was a bright child he got good grades at school. He went to Royds School. However due to some issues he was expelled from school. Till the age of 16 he stayed at the Tinshill Learning Centre. His life turned upside down when he realized that he is going to be a father at the age 16. He didn’t seem to be prepared for this yet. Throughout his young age he had to do various jobs to handle his expenses. While working in different warehouses he created a lot of pallets. If this isn’t enough he has also worked as a butcher, window cleaner and a milk man delivery person. He is 32 years old currently.

Career and Controversies

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Tom started working for Club mission in Leeds. Due to his hard work he has also the Leeds best Night club award. James has also been actively working at an event business operator at Sleepin, Cheatin. He finally found his real passion and became a DJ. His career started booming as he started releasing a lot of albums. However he has tried to keep away from all the controversies. ‘You want me’ has been one of the bestselling album of his career.

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Net Worth

The total net worth of Tom is estimated to be at $2 million. He is a popular DJ and has invested in money in various business. La Fuego is a popular restaurant and he has invested in the development. He leads a lavish lifestyle and has got luxurious cars at his disposal.

Relationship, Dating and Kids

Tom has lived in Gipton, Belle Isle and Rothwell along with Leeds. His fans have been curious to find out more about his love life. According to latest details he is dating Love Island star Hayley Hughes. They have been together since 2018 and still going strong.  He has got one son since he has only 16 years old. His ex-girlfriend Lizzie died in a car accident and they had one since together. His son has also featured in one of this videos too.

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