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Godfall Will Receive A New Content Update In April 2022

Gearbox Publishing and Counterplay Games have revealed new details about their new video game. Godfall will get the next major update in April. The update will be the Exalted Update and will feature some new key features and additions.

This will expand the game and give the players a new horizon to conquer. Some of the major updates will include the unlockable Valorplates Shards, story enhancements, new combat systems, new cosmetics, a new game mode which will be called Spirit Realms and so much more. Here are the new game updates coming to Godfall.

Valorplate Shards

  • The 12 Valorplates will have four unlockable Shards. The players will get some new ways to customize their playstyle.
  • Shards Phoenix will ignite enemies through the Wildfire Strike. The players will unleash a cone of fire through the shield.

Ascendant and Exalted Valorplates

  • By collecting the four Shards the players will be able to unlock a Valorplate’s Ascendant form
  • Level up all the four shards up to the max level. This will make the Valorplate Exalted, and grant a third and final passive. Unlock a stunning new cosmetic which will be displayed on the Valorplate podium

Godfall Enhanced Story

  • Ravenna and Soras will be giving company to Orin and will fight alongside him in a few story missions. They will also be provided with a new dialogue in the Sanctum between missions.
  • Orin’s twisted brother Macros will be able to get a greater presence now all through the campaign

Overhauled Combat

  • All weapons will be equipped with powerful Timing Attacks and will unleash directly after using a weapon technique.
  • Knockdown 2.0 will allow the players to unlock a recovery skill. This will let them get back into a fight after being knocked down.
  • A Revive system will allow the players to revive each other during the co-op!

Reworked Realm Bosses

  • The Sigil mechanic will be removed and will change the way the Realm Bosses work. The players can now challenge Realm Bosses as the story allows.
  • Each Realm Boss will be accompanied by three captains that will be scattered throughout their realm.

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Fan-Requested Quality of Life Enhancements

  • Godfall will feature tons of awesome loot. This new Exalted Update will offer the players some new ways to sort out the growing inventory.
  • Godfall‘s new loadout menu will offer the players the ability to save three custom builds including the unique skill grids!

Exalted Tower of Trials

  • Test your skills by fighting against your enemies. You can scale up to level 150 and win over multiple bosses in Godfall‘s ultimate endgame challenge.
  • Earn unique weapon will have triple primary traits!

All-New Spirit Realms Mode for 6 players

  • Matchmake with five other players in the Godfall‘s greatest co-op experience to date!
  • Utilize Spirit Vision and fight with the enemies. You can discover secrets between the Material and Spirit planes.
  • Use Elder Souls and unlock the Elder Gate. The deadly bosses will come with unique spirit vision mechanics.
  • Collect Shards of Macros and fight with the powerful boons which will last in the entire duration of your Spirit Realms run.
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