Allow the pug lady Edde is probably the most famous dog in Germany. This is not your glubschigen eyes, but of a Posse, which has even made it into the international media.

the story with the mountain of debt from the Eddas former owners had Started. They had accumulated debts in the town of Ahlen. Not paid the dog tax, failure to make contributions for the all-day school the three kids at the end was the bill on more than 7357 Euro. A smart servant came up with the idea to seize the animal just and sell it for parts via Ebay, to get at least a few euros from the family. At least: 690 euros round turning the pages of the new owner, a policewoman from Wuppertal, for the puppy. Animal rights activists were appalled – and also the new pug-Mrs Chen was not happy for a long time. But filed a complaint.

insane dog Posse

town of Ahlen seizes pug lady Edda and sold it for 750 € on Ebay

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Because the pug had been as healthy and with family tree sold. However, the dog had to on several occasions to see a doctor. She did not return account only to the reimbursement of juicy Veterinarian, but also for the purchase price of Ahlen.

Mops, used, cheap

to make a hell of A story – Yes. But it is better still, A legal opinion should clarify whether a pug should be seized. According to the “F. A. Z” took care of a prestigious law firm to the case. At 19 pages, you have come to the verdict: “in consideration of the debtor’s behavior” is a pug-seizure and a subsequent Mops sale legally. In this case, however, in violation of the requirements of Form and procedure.


Foreclosed pug Edda continue to stir – the Ministry of the interior


no longer switches itself off at the end of the story: Edda from the cap bergersee comes to their previous owners. Could afford the dog never actually. And the COP out of Wuppertal is loud “F. A. Z” madly in love with the Little one. The is now called Wilma. New Name, new life – and that is without a pug is possible but pointless.