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Thirsty: Release Date, Review, Cast And Other Details

Thirsty is a short film that is streaming on Hulu. Hulu has recently acquired the rights of many short films and movies that have premiered in International Film festivals. Hulu paid a big amount of money by acquiring the rights of Palm Springs and now it has added Thirsty to its list of wonderful and well appreciated short films. Thirsty which is an intense love story is the recent short film to be added to the wonderful library of Hulu. Let’s get to know what Thirsty is all about.

Thirsty: Review

Thirsty is a story about unrequited love and is quite relatable. The audience will be able to connect with the lead characters instantly because the plot shows similar things that we face in our daily lives. The film is 12 minutes long but it has so much to tell in that short given time. The plot is touching and intense and the performances of the actors are top-notch. It also gives you life lessons and giving the 12 precious minutes of your life to the short film isn’t a bad idea at all.

Where can you stream Thirsty?

Thirsty was premiered in an International Film Festival and now you can stream Thirsty on Hulu as they have acquired the official rights of the short film. The short film also aired on the FX network and had only one season. The short film has a runtime of 12 minutes.

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Thirsty: Is it worth watching?


Thirsty is a complex and intense love story that is going to move your heart in many ways. The story is about love at first sight and is also about a bloodsucking stalker who is out to get her prey. The short film is hilarious and fun and the 12-minute series is definitely an onetime watch.

What is the plot of Thirsty?

Thirsty tells the story of a female mosquito who falls in love with a man after sucking his blood. The story portrays the desire and needs to be accepted and to be loved irrespective of the specie you are. The hilarious romantic short film is a pun on a women’s desire for a man she is obsessed with. The urban dictionary defines women as thirsty when she has fallen for a man. The man has recently broken up with his girlfriend and is upset with his life. Thirsty is a story about unrequited love and a desire that will never be fulfilled.

Who is in the cast of Thirsty?

The cast of Thirsty has done a wonderful job and Nicole Delaney has managed to put together some great actors and an engaging plot. The cast includes the following actors:

  • Maya Rudolph as the female mosquito
  • Jay Ellis as the desperate man

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What is the release date of Thirsty?

The short film Thirsty officially released in September 2019. Hulu has recently taken the official rights of the short film. The 12-minute film can be streamed on Hulu. Hulu also has a lot of other interesting short films that you can watch on the streaming platform. Thirsty is perfect for mature audiences who love dark comedies. The film is fun and humorous and will give you an entertaining time.

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