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How Long Feline Coronavirus Does Survive?

What Is Feline Coronavirus?

Feline Coronavirus is a common fatal disease that is found in cats. It is a positive RNA virus that mostly affects the cats in a multi-cat house. Feline Coronavirus infects the cats by attacking the epithelium of the villous tip in the intestine, ultimately causing villous entropy and mild enteritis.

This disease does not pass on from cats to humans so you do not need to worry about the disease is not at all contagious. Consequently, the Feline Coronavirus do gets diffused from one cat to another.

Lack of hygiene is usually the major cause of this virus. The unhygienic environment is harmful to cats so one should provide their pet cats a clean environment. The cat owners need to be aware of their cats’ medical condition as most of the people do not even know that their cat is suffering from Feline Coronavirus.

What Are The Signs Of Feline Corona Virus?

Following are the symptoms of feline Coronavirus;

  • Lack of digestion
  • Diarrhea with frequent vomiting
  • Anorexia; loss of appetite
  • Low grade fever that stays for more than a week or a month
  • Recurrent excretion of waste
  • Cat smelling like rotten curd
  • Laziness
  • Exhaustion

What Are The Types Of Feline Corona Virus?

There are two types of Feline Coronavirus. They are discussed as follows;

  • Wet Feline Coronavirus: This type of Feline Coronavirus affects the abdominal cavity of the cats by causing the cavity to swell. It also affects the chest cavity which makes it difficult for the cat to breathe.
  • Dry Feline Coronavirus: The second type of Feline Coronavirus accumulates fluids throughout the different organs of the body. Therefore, these respective organs are affected. For instance; if liver is affected then the cat will suffer with Jaundice.

How Long Feline Corona Virus Does Survive?

  • The survival time period of Feline Coronavirus is highly dependent on the nature of environment in which the virus prospers. Despite the fact that Feline Coronavirus is fragile, it can survive in dry environments for more than 7 weeks.
  • The mortality rate of cats is fortunately not drastic. Out of 100 percent diseased cats, 1 or 2 percent are at the risk of death.

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How To Treat Feline Corona Virus?

Treating your cat timely should be your priority. Below are some quick and easy Feline coronavirus treatment techniques which you should adopt to make the cats healthier.

  • Cats with Feline Coronavirus need extra care and attention for almost 3 to 4 weeks.This will therefore help in curing the cats in very less time.
  • Any special treatment has yet not been discovered for treating feline Coronavirus but all you can do is that avoid taking your cats in social gatherings.
  • Provide as much hygienic care as you can provide to your Cats. Make sure to give bath to your cats on daily basis. Clean their food bowls as well as their waste as many times as you can.
  • Beside this home care, vaccines for Feline Coronavirus are also available.
  • We hope for the cure to be invented soon so that we can save our cats who are infected from Feline Coronavirus.
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