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Imran Khan Biography, Net Worth, Age, House, Party, Lifestyle

The full name of (Imran Khan) is Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi. He is a politician and a former cricketer. He is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan. He built the famous Shaukat Khanam hospital which is running successfully as it provides treatment services to the poor free of cost. He got the idea of building this idea after he lost his mother due to cancer.

Early life

Imran Khan was born on 5th October 1952 in Lahore. He belongs to a wealthy family and graduated from the famous University of Oxford where his majors were economics and politics. He entered cricket in a test match in 1971 which was against England, However due to not so great performance he was not selected for the new games. He is 65 years old currently. He is known as the prime minister of Pakistan and also a famous cricketer who brought home 1992 world cup for Pakistan. His height is 6 feet and 1 inch and weight is 73 kg. He is known for his good looks.

Family and personal life


  • Bushra Bibi (m. 2018)
  • Reham Khan (m. 2014–2015)
  • Jemima Goldsmith (m. 1995–2004)


  • Sulaiman Isa Khan
  • Qasim Khan

He got married to Jemima who converted to Islam before marriage. The couple had two sons but they had an unfortunate breakup when they decided to end their 9-year long relationship. There was a lot of criticism in media due to his wife being from another religion. In January 2015 he got married to Reham khan who was a divorced woman too. The family did not approve of their marriage but they still went ahead but their relationship was short-lived and their marriage ended in October the same year. He has four sisters and is quite close to them. They often give him suggestions when he is taking important decisions in life. His father’s name is IkramUllah Kahn while mother’s name is Shaukat Khanam.

Cricket life

Imran is a very known cricketer who has made many records on a personal level and also got a world cup win in 1992. He remained captain for the team for a few years as well. He was a right-hand batsman and fast bowler and achieved many wickets and runs throughout his career.

Political party

Imran khan entered into politics in 1997. He started a party called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf also called the PTI. He came into politics with the idea to eradicate corruption from the country. In 2018 when he was contesting in the elections Nawaz Shariff got a historic win and became the prime minister. However, he stated that the results were rigged and held various protests throughout the country. He was successful in his endeavours and Nawaz sheriff was finally taken off the position due to his illegal activities and sent to jail.PTI is the biggest political party in the national assembly.

Girlfriend and affairs

Imran khan was labelled as a playboy in his youth. He had various relationships with some of the most famous woman. His relationship with Indian actress Zeenat Aman got a lot of attention. Moreover, his relationship with Benazir Bhutto was also the talk of the town. He was also linked with other famous ladies called Emma, Sussane and Sita white. Many people criticize him and call him a womanizer; his fans always wish that he settles down in life.

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Net worth, lifestyle, house

Imran Khan’s net worth is $15 million. His incomes come from politics as well as his successful cricket career. He owns a mansion in Bani Gala Islamabad. It is quite huge and has a lot of facilities within the house including a gym and mini-theatre. He leads a luxurious life and has decorated the mansion with expensive things.

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