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The Woman In The Window: Plot, Cast, Release Date, Trailer And All You Need To Know

Amy Adams will be coming out with a movie titled The Women in the Window soon and the fans are excited about it. The movie will finally be releasing on Netflix soon and will be added to the list of wonderful movies offered by Netflix. After a long wait, the fans of the movie will finally get to know about the release, of the movie. Tons of new meme material have also been released related to the movie. The movie has been the talk of the town and it started filming in 2018. The movie got postponed twice and the movie will finally get a release date.

The movie seems to be promising and this might be Adams’ next role that will help her to get another Academy Award. This might also turn out to be a winning role for the actress. Netflix will be releasing their viral movie soon and the fans cannot wait for it to release. Below are the details about the upcoming Netflix original film The Woman in the Window.

The Woman in the Window release date


The movie was scheduled to be released in the theatres on October 4, 2019. 20th Century Fox delayed the release till 2020 and did some re-editing. The pandemic was all over the world in March 2020 and that led the makers to cancel the release of The Woman in the Window in the theaters. Netflix has now acquired the rights for the movie from Fox. The movie might not be able to get a theatrical release in the United States. The film will make its debut on May 14, 2021, on Netflix.

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The Woman in the Window cast

The Woman In the window stars popular actors like the Academy Award-nominated star Amy Adams. The other cast members who have been making the headlines include:

  • Gary Oldman
  • Anthony Mackie
  • Fred Hechinger
  • Wyatt Russell
  • Brian Tyree Henry
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Julianne Moore.

The cast includes all heavyweight performers and we are sure that the Netflix original The Woman in the Window will capture the audience with its captivating storyline and amazing cast.

The Woman in the Window Plot

The woman in the Window is based on the novel by A. J. Finn. The Woman in the Window stars Adams as Dr. Anna Fox, and she plays a psychologist who has overcome agoraphobia. She lives in New York City and resides in the brownstone apartment. The movie is a psychological thriller and we will see Anna investigating the case of her neighbor being disappeared. She spots something suspicious from the window of her apartment.

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The Woman in the Window trailer

The makers of Woman in the Window have released a trailer for the film. 20th Century Fox released the first trailer in December 2019 as the movie was intended to release in March 2020. Netflix hasn’t released a trailer for the film, but it could arrive soon as the movie will be streaming in May 2021.

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