The Witcher
The Witcher

Those who have seen The Witcher in the original version have been able to see how the sorcerer who stars in the series, Geralt of Rivia, speaks with a unique accent. A let that mixes elements of American, British and Australian speech that not even the most Anglophones have been able to identify and that has been meticulously thought out.

As Henry Cavill, the actor who gives life to the character has confirmed, his accent is intended to reflect the sorcerer’s particular way of speaking, a feature outlined in the novels that fail to specify what it consists of.

In the acclaimed video games of The Witcher, the contrast is achieved by making Geralt of Rivia speak with an American accent while the rest of the characters have a way of speaking more similar to the British leave.

“With how rich the original mythology is, we have had to make many changes with respect to the books,” Cavill explained. “That also implies that there are many elements to play with. For me, as an interpreter in the series, it was a complex task to carry out my performance in the same way that it has been difficult for all other actors, individually. Yes, in the books there is an accent of Rivia, “confirmed the sorcerer.

As the actor has pointed out, it was not “necessary for him to give a specific accent to Geralt that was unlike any other, because it would be impossible due to a large number of accents in English.”

Instead, Cavill has preferred to give Geral t an accent that “expresses the essence of who (Geralt) is in the books and adapts it to the format proposed by a television series.”