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The King Of Fighters AllStar New Major Update Released

Netmarble will be releasing a brand new massive update for The King Of Fighters. The makers will be adding a ton of new content into the mix. If you are excited about The King Of Fighters then you are at the right place. Read the post below to find out about the new major update of the game.

The King Of Fighters New Major Update Details

There will be a new Event Tower which will add a couple of characters. The new EX Rush Dungeon will allow the players to enhance a few rares. An expansion to the Tower of Trials and several new events are being planned out. The players can expect so much more from the game as it is going to be full of surprises. New characters were added to the mix, but this time a bunch from Street Fighters will be added to the game.

The King Of Fighters Gameplay

The King Of Fighters AllStar will be adding a Natural EX Angel as a playable character. The character is created based on the recent title, The King of Fighters XIV. She will be equipped with the fighter attributes that include a [Extreme] Fighter’s ATK increase of 40% and a Critical DMG by 60%. Additionally, the players will also get the Special Skill deals poison DMG which will be equal to 40%.

You will be awarded new special cards which have been added to the Angel Special Card. This will offer you a Special Skill to become a skilled fighter. The card will increase ATK by 2%, Active Skill DMG by 4.5%, and Critical DMG by 6%. The players will be awarded battle cards that will include a card set for Angel and several other options.

The King Of Fighters In-Game Updates

Players will be able to celebrate the new game update with several in-game events including:

  • New EX Rush Dungeon – The players will get daily rewards that will include Rubies and Rare Enhancement Hammers. You will also get new battle cards that can be obtained at the Exchange Shop.
  • EX Angel and Leona Event Tower – This feature requires Natural EX Angel, BS Leona, or 12 Leap. The players will have the opportunity to use the Awakening EXP Mystery Box and Memory Mystery Box during this event.
  • XV Angel Event Codex – The players will get the rewards that will be given after each mission gets cleared. The players can receive King Of Fighters Purple Soul and will become the First-time Recruitment Reward for Natural EX Angel. You will also get the additional Imprint Stone Selection Box which will be out in the market.
  • Tower of Trials Expansion – High-tier levels will expand from 60th Fl to 90th Fl. You can battle various Boss Monsters and will be able to obtain multiple rewards including the Rubies, Dispatch Speed Up Ticket, and Core Board Reset Item.
  • Additional Events: Players can participate in all other events that will include the Relay Roulette and Event Codex.
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