States and municipalities are up in arms against plans by the Federal Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) to reduce the Federal subsidy to the refugee costs.

“the Federation and the Länder have to find a way that will be the real expenses of the municipalities for refugees and the expenditure for the purpose of Tolerated involves,” said the managing Director of the German Association of cities, Helmut Dedy, on Monday the German press Agency. Necessary a “long-term financing arrangements for accommodation and meals, as well as the Integration of refugees is, therefore,”.

the end of 2019 from run to several regulations: the 670-Euro flat rate for foreigners in the asylum procedure, the integration fee and the Takeover of the costs of accommodation for recognized refugees. Instead, the Ministry of Finance plans a flat rate per refugee for the first five years after arrival. In the first year, 16 000 Euro is to be paid, later less. Thus, the Federal government would reduce its support to the calculation of the Hamburg Senate Chancellery, currently at 4.7 billion to around 1.3 billion Euro per year. The amount of the new fee had first reported the “Bild”newspaper.

CSU leader Markus Söder Scholz (SPD) had already warned last week prior to the significant cuts: “The countries are very concerned that the Federal government wants to halve its integration of funding for municipalities. Even three-quarters of the benefits are to be deleted.” Dedy said: “The current plans of the Federal government for a refugee in a lump sum, do not accept the cities.”

The number of asylum seekers was recently declined significantly. Have been made in 2016, nearly 746 000 requests for asylum, it was 2018, nearly 186 000 Initial and subsequent applications. The municipalities point out that many asylum seekers remain even after your application has been rejected only once in Germany. They also stress that Integration costs money.

“Even if the Figures of the monthly new additions are diminished, the total number of refugees in Germany remains high,” said Hamburg mayor Peter Tschentscher, the head is currently also the Prime Ministers ‘ conference. The Federal government should enhance its contribution to the cost of the property from the current 1.8 billion euros, “and ordered the Federal government to an uprising of the mayor and district administrators,” said the SPD politician.