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The Devil in the White City Release Date, Cast, Plot & All You need To Know

All the fans of Keanu Reeves will be happy to know that he is in talks to be a part of ‘The devil in the white city’. There have been a lot of news coming out about this series since 2019. It was revealed that Martin Scorsese (Raging Bull) and Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street) will team up. Paramount TV is coming up with a new series. This is an adaptation of Erik Larson’s The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness. Since 2019 things have been quiet. According to recent updates from Deadline Hollywood Keanu Reeves will also become a part of it. Here are more details about the Devil in the white city:

What is the plot of ‘The Devil in the white city’?

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The Devil in the white city revolves around the story of two men. If sources are believed it is based on a true story. There is an architect who is a serial killer. His fate takes a big turn as it is always linked with the Chicago World’s Fair on 1893. The series is adapted from a famous novel and you will love it fully. The name of this famous architect is Daniel H. Burnham. He is brilliant and want to make his mark in this intense competition. Henry H Holmes is another important character in the series. This doctor is handsome and very cunning who is building up his own pharmaceutical ‘Murder Castle’ but with fair grounds. This story is quiet intriguing as it takes viewers on the tour of romance and murder.

Who is in the cast of ‘The Devil in the white city?

The cast of ‘The Devil in the white city’ is not yet decided. Initially Leonardo DiCaprio was about to star as a serial killer HH Homes. However there was no surety whether he will star in the TV version or not. He is co-producing the series with Scorsese. Hulu has not yet revealed much details about the cast members. According to the latest updates Keanu Reeves is approached for the project. At one point even Tom Cruise was asked to play the lead. However even those plans didn’t materialize. If we talk about the executives’ producer they include Scorsese, DiCaprio, Rick Yorn, Emma Koskoff, Jennifer Davisson, and Stacey Sher. They all are working hard to work on this adaptation.

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When will ‘The Devil in the White City’?

Hulu has not yet revealed ‘The Devil in the white City’. The series is still in the pre-production state since 2020. It is still not sure when the series will release. The streaming services has still not revealed when the series will start with the production. There is still no trailer out as it will probably come out during production.

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