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Anne With An E Season 3 Release Date On Netflix, Cast, Review

Anne with an E is coming up with a season 3; it is surely exciting news for the fans as they are bringing out the third season just a month after the second season ended. It is arriving on both Netflix and Canadian network CBC. As you must know that the series is based on the classic novel of Anne of Green Gables. It was a tremendous global success and every person praised the series. Let’s get to know more about season 3.

Anne with an E season 3 spoiler-Get to know what will happen with Gilbert and Anne

The season 2 didn’t really end with any cliffhangers and just showed the departure of Cole when he left Avonlea. Anne decided to become a teacher and made up with Gilbert after a fight due to some issue. Gilbert planned to train as a doctor and wanted to become the first-ever doctor in Avonlea. Initially, Anne did not want to believe Cole who told her that Gilbert is interested in her. We can now look forward to some potential romance between the couple. All the romance lovers can surely enjoy it if happens.

The story will keep expanding even more as Anne turns sixteen and will look for her biological parents. She will have a fresh life out of the Green Gables. There may be some hindrances in between but she will surely find her way. The residents of Avonlea will have a story of their own and will create some tensions with another nation. The kids in that area have graduated from school to college level and will prepare for some entrance exams next. The kids will enjoy some romance, finding their true love along with the hectic life. Sebastian and Marry are looking for a great domestic life after settling down. With so many exciting spoilers coming your way, we are sure you cannot wait to watch this exciting season 3.Till now the story is following the footsteps of the novel. Let’s see what changes do we exactly see in season 3.

The cast, crew and director

It is being speculated that all the major characters will be making a dynamic comeback in season 3. The cast boasts of some talented actors like Amybeth McNulty, Geraldine James, RH Thomson Matthew Cuthbert, Dalila Bela, Lucas Jade Zumann and Dalmar Abuzeid. The series is directed by Moira and screenplay is also written by him. Fans will miss their favourite character Cole who left the town and turned out to be gay. With such a talented cast and amazing story we are in for a great ride once again. The performances of all the cast were top-notch in the previous seasons and we are expecting something spectacular this time around.

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Anne with an E season 3, when is it expected to release

We are sure fans must be anxious to know when the series is expected to release January 3, 2020. Dont worry we have details on that as well which we will be sharing shortly. You must know that the first season of the show aired on the Canadian channel itself but the second season came out straight to Netflix.

The filming of season 3 is going to start in January 3, 2020.

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