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The Dark Order, WWE Superstar Big E, & More Pay Tribute To Brodie Lee

The members of Dark Order, WWE Champion Big E, Matt Hardy, Eddie Kingston, AEW, WWE and a lot more are doing something special. They all are paying tribute to Brodie Lee on their social media accounts. He passed away at the age of 41 and his loss is very big for all the wrestling fans. Already a year has passed but everyone in the wrestling world cannot forget him. It seems everyone from the wrestling world is ready to pour in their valuable tributes for him. If you want to find out more details about it read on below:

Elite Wrestling & Big E pay tribute to Brodie Lee

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It has been one year since the very talented Brodie Lee passed away. All Elite Wrestling posted a tweet on the Twitter page. Here is what the post has to say:

“Today marks 1 year since the passing of Jon Huber, Mr. Brodie Lee. Today we honor Jon’s remarkable legacy in and out of the ring with match clips, photos and memories. Please join us by sharing your favorite Big Rig memories.

In another post Big E also paid his tribute to Brodie Lee. Here is what he has to say:

#BrodieLeeForever” Big E writes, “One year today, Jon Huber, one of my best friends on earth, passed away. I still have a dozen things I want to text him every day. I still remember the way he would type out laughter in a text (“ha ha ha”). I still have the play-by-play of his son’s amateur wrestling performance in my phone, as Jon anxiously & proudly watched on. The dream of driving fifteen minutes to his Tampa house for Sunday dinners when we retired still lingers.

There will still never be anyone to fill his shoes. As painfully tragic as this has been, there’s so much good to reflect on. I’m so grateful that so many people have made a commitment to keeping Jon’s memory alive. I’m so glad that he so enriched the lives of so many people in and out of this profession. Brodie (he was always “Brodie” to me), the laughs we shared far surpassed the tears I’ve shed over you. I hope we all continue to honor you in the way you deserve. I still miss you and will always love you, my friend.”

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Alex Reynold from the dark order pays his tribute


A lot of people have poured in their tribute for the very talented Brodie Lee. Here is what Alex has to say about this legend:

“I can’t believe it’s been one year. Thank you for making us all better, thank you for always being there to listen and give advice, and thank you for giving us so many wonderful memories. We miss you so much. #BrodieLeeForever”.

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