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The Cleaning Lady: FOX Has Renewed Series for Season 2

The Cleaning Lady is one of the Top 5 new broadcast dramas of 2021-22. It is one of the highest-rated FOX series. The drama managed to become the highest-rated on FOX in the last two years. It is also Hulu’s most-streamed FOX debut in the history of the network.  FOX’s Élodie Yung-starring The Cleaning Lady, has been renewed for a second season. The network has announced this afternoon, that they have renewed the show for a new season. The series performed well during its first season. Here is all you need to know about The Cleaning Lady Season 2.

President Of FOX Entertainment Reveals About The Show

The heart-pounding and emotionally driven story has captivated audiences across all platforms. The empowering, suspenseful narrative is about an undocumented worker who is forced to navigate the criminal underworld to save her son’s life. The President of FOX Michael Thorn revealed

“‘The Cleaning Lady’ bravely and unapologetically takes on many of today’s most important social issues—something we’re proud to say is one of FOX’s long-time calling cards—and it’s all brought into sharp perspective by the powerful performance of our lead, Élodie Yung and the entire cast. Thanks to the incredible talent of Miranda and Melissa and our outstanding partners at Warner Bros., audiences have embraced this story and can now look forward to finding out what comes next for this devoted mother and her son when our show returns for its second season.”

The Cleaning Lady Plot

The Cleaning lady is an emotionally driven character drama. It is a story about a whip-smart Cambodian doctor, THONY. He comes to the US for medical treatment to save her ailing son LUCA. Her son is diagnosed with a life-threatening immunodeficiency disorder. Her husband, MARCO is struggling with a gambling addiction and he is unable to get a visa.

Thony is left to save her son on her own. She has a successful career as a doctor and has a loving husband and family.  Thony is now in Las Vegas along with her sister-in-law, FIONA. She is waiting for a matching bone marrow donor for Luca. Thony struggles to make ends meet as an undocumented worker.

The system fails and pushes her into hiding. She fights to get back on her feet and refuses to be beaten down and marginalized. The lieutenant of a powerful crime syndicate, ARMAN MORALES becomes a cleaning lady for their operation.

She crosses into the world of moral greys and begins to live a double life. Thony keeps this a secret from her family. She cleans up crime scenes for Arman and dodges the law. She starts smooth-talking FBI Agent GARRETT MILLER. Her cunning nature and intelligence forge her own path in the criminal underworld.

The Cleaning Lady Cast

The Cleaning Lady stars:

  • Élodie Yung(Thony)
  • Adan Canto(Arman Morales)
  • Martha Millan(Fiona)
  • Oliver Hudson(Garrett)
  • Sebastien & Valentino LaSalle(Luca)
  • Faith Bryant(Jaz), and Sean Lew (Chris)
  • Eric Ladin as Noah McPherson
  • Liza Weil as ASAC Katherine Russo
  • Ivan Shaw as Marco
  • Eva De Dominicias Nadia
  • Navid Negahbanas Hayak Barsamian
  • Shiva Negaras Isabel Barsamian
  • Esodie Geigeras Renee Lawson
  • Lily Leias Techie
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