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Billy Beane Net Worth, Baseball Career, Salary, Real Estate And More

Billy Beane is an American baseball General Manager. He started his career as a baseball player and has been playing a vital role in the development of the sporting industry. He is currently working as the front office executive and is also the vice president of baseball operations.

He also partly owns the Oakland Athletics. He started his career as a scout and has served as the manager and executive vice president. His professional baseball career was a disappointment, but he made a name as an executive. Beane has a novel approach toward the dealings and business of baseball and has introduced many technological innovations in the sporting industry.

Early Life

William Lamar Beane III was born on March 29th of 1962 in Orlando, Florida. She was born and brought up in Mayport, Florida, and San Diego, California, and was brought up in a military family. He played baseball with his father during his childhood. Billy attended high school in San Diego, and he became famous there for being a star athlete. When he reached high he attracted a lot of attention and was scouted in a baseball team.

Baseball Career


Beane began his career in Mets and received a $125,000 signing bonus. He admitted that play professional baseball instead was motivated by purely joined the baseball team due to financial reasons. He managed to win a promotion and played many professional games for his baseball team.

Billy’s performance wasn’t satisfactory and he got traded to the Detroit Tigers. He played six games for the Tigers and signed on to become a free agent. He signed with the Oakland Athletics and at the end of the 1990 season; he was shifted to minor leagues. Billy Beane became fed up with his disappointing career and became a scout instead.

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Baseball Salary

Billy has an estimated net worth of $14 million. He earns an annual salary of $3 million. Billy Beane turned down a $12.5-million, that would have made him the highest-paid General Manager. He started earning a salary of $1 million. He was given the name of the Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and was appointed as the GM. Billy has earned his net worth by working as the General Manager of the baseball teams. He didn’t have a successful baseball career so not much of his assets come from his gaming career.

Netsuite Salary

Billy signed a contract with Oracle that earned up to $9 billion in 2016. Billy was a member of the Board of Directors for the cloud computing company NetSuite. He earned around $4 million for providing his services to the NetSuite Company.

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Real Estate

Billy Beane bought his home in Danville, California and he paid the price of $1.735 million. The property is labeled as the “McMansion. The home doesn’t feature any high-class features and doesn’t have any outdoor pool. According to reports Beane and his wife listed property of $1.895 million and were eager to get back a small return on the investment that they had made.

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