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Mrs. America Plot, Cast, Production & All You Need To Know

Mrs. America is a popular American miniseries that is based on the movement of the equal rights amendment. The series was released on Hulu a few months ago and it has gained a lot of popularity in a short time. According to historians, the series has been created exceptionally well. However, critics don’t seem to be very happy with it. We are going to review the series for all the fans so don’t forget to read the complete article.

Who was Phyllis Schlafly?

If you are curious to know who Phyllis was let us tell you that she was the face of Mrs.America.She has become very popular especially after starring in Hulu/FX miniseries. Phyllis has been a part of a very conservative subject. The defining factor is to elevate women through her identity and not by her marital status. If we talk about Phyllis she had the support of a lot of women who were conservative housewives and didn’t seem much interested in liberation. They were against equal rights for both the genders, a movement that started in the 70’s itself. The Era failed to bring out any such movement and many people believe that it was due to her conservatism. Phyllis was cunning and intelligent but wasn’t willing to have women get equal rights in society.

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Is Mrs. America based on a true story?

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Many people have been curious to know whether Mrs. America is based on true events and stories or not. The reality is that it is indeed based on the true events of the ’70s.In 1972 the era was taken over by Congress and they believed in taking the movement forwards but with 38 amendments. Historians truly believed that the STOP ERA movement from Phyllis was a hindrance to this. The era was described that women’s rights were brutally taken away and Phyllis was involved in this strict action too. Women had to be known through their marital status and it seemed that they have no identity of their own.

It would take all the rights away from women. Apart from that, there was another fear that same sex marriages will also increase in number. Congress was trying to make their move but it seems she was strict enough to control it all. In many ways, the series has depicted the true culture of that era and you will be surprised to see all the happenings. Everything is portrayed with true events and the direction is top-notch. In the later years, we could an evident change where efforts were being made to give equal rights to women as well.

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Birth of Religious right


For the movement to take place the religious groups fought together to bring rights for women which was needed at that point. Supreme Court was also a part of this movement and they also believed in protecting the rights of women. It was planned by the makers that they would also portray the true story of the movements that were going on in that particular era. The anti-feminist movements had to be slowed down. Women were divided into two different categories married, unmarried, Mrs and miss. Most of the events to present the plot of Mrs. America are taken from the book and the film is known as the battle over women’s rights and family values that polarized American politics.

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