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The Affair: Review, Cast, Plot and Other Updates

The Affair is a popular American drama series. The drama has released 5 seasons and has an interesting storyline. It has a gripping plot and tells the story from multiple perspectives. How an extramarital affair can tear apart the lives of so many people is portrayed realistically in the drama series. In this post, we will be reviewing the drama and will let you know about the multiple reasons why you should be watching it.

Why you should watch The Affair?

The Affair is a drama that portrays broken families and affairs. The main strength of the show is the performances of the actors. The actors have expressed the emotions and trauma of the characters in an excellent way. If you like intense and emotional dramas then The Affair is a must-try for you. The writers have done a great job and have explained the story from different perspectives. If you wish to ride through an emotional roller coaster then this show will keep you hooked through all the seasons. The drama series has been shot at beautiful locations and the interesting plot will keep you entertained.

Where can you stream The Affair?

the affair

All the seasons of The Affair aired on the American channel SHOWTIME. The drama series has already ended and it aired 5 successful seasons. It has a total of 53 episodes. If you want to catch up with all the seasons of The Affair you can stream it on the official website of SHOWTIME.

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The Affair: Reception and Ratings

The Affair has been well received by the audience. The show has some of the most famous actors in the lead roles and has a cult following even after the completion of the drama series. The drama has received multiple awards. Some of the major awards that the drama has won include Emmy for Best Television drama and Wilson who plays the lead role in the drama also won an award for the best actress.

What is the plot of The Affair?

the affair

The Affair is about extramarital affairs between Noah and Alison. Noah is a happily married man and has 4 kids. He is married to Halen and he often feels insecure in his marriage with Halen due to her father. Halen’s father feels that Noah is not providing well for the family and supports his daughters’ family. Noah doesn’t like that at all and gets offended by Halen’s father. The family goes on a vacation and he meets with Allison there who works as a waitress. The story is about broken marriages and portrays the effects an extramarital affair can have on people.

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Who is in the cast of The Affair?

The cast of The Affair includes:

  • Dominic West
  • Ruth Wilson
  • Maura Tierney
  • Joshua Jackson
  • Julia Goldani Telles
  • Jake Siciliano
  • Jadon Sand Leya Catlett

What is the release date of The Affair?

The Affair premiered on SHOWTIME on October 12, 2014. The drama series released 5 seasons and the final season of the drama released in 2019. The fans of the show are still hopeful that they will get a new season of the drama soon.

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