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The 30 Best Free iOS 13.2.2 Jailbreak Tweaks

If you have jailbroken your iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 utilizing checkra1n and are currently searching for some escape changes to attempt, look at our rundown of probably the best free escape changes for iOS 13. Every one of the tweaks referenced underneath will assist you with taking advantage of your iPhone or iPad. Some of them will include helpful highlights like a gliding dock, the capacity to stow away applications, and so on, while others will improve the previously existing highlights in iOS 13. Interestingly, every one of the changes referenced beneath is totally allowed to download and use too.


Imaginativeness is another free escape change by iOS engineer Yung_Specht that powers the Spotify application to show collection fine art to left of the melody data in all of your playlist interfaces


Canvas v1.3 is a change which allows you to download any Canvas from the Now Playing View on Spotify. Of course, iOS 11 just enables clients to include a predetermined number of symbols to the stock Control Center. Clients can’t include custom symbols, for example, Cydia, Electra, and so forth. This is the place this new escape change comes in.


CCModules Cydia change enables you to add custom symbols or modules to the iOS 11 Control Center. It is created by change designer jailbreak365. It uses LaughingQuoll’s Silo bundle to alter the Control Center


CircleIcons Cydia Tweak changes all symbols in the settings application to be in the state of a circle. This impact is made with a roundabout veil, so it won’t impact any symbol topics.

Clean Home Screen

Clean Home Screen 1.0.2 [Tweaks] Clean Home Screen causes you to expel all the messiness from your home screen and lock screen, offering you a straightforward and clean application propelling the experience

Clean Player

Clean Player enables expel/to shroud some of it. We trust you all appreciate it!


ColorMyBattery Cydia change adds hues to the stock iOS battery marker. It is created by change engineer Kiran Patil.

Hide your Apps

In spite of the fact that it intensifies your gadget’s feel, it doesn’t do that only for the fun it. This is decisively where its splendor sparkles. Your battery marker pushes through various hues at various battery levels.


DismissAnywhere Cydia change disposes of the “Drop” button for the last time. It additionally enables you to expel any alarm by just tapping anyplace on the screen.

Flame Floating Dock

You may get low battery ready that instructs you to empower low power mode. This alarm has two catches – “Proceed” and “Drop”. With this change introduced, the “Drop” catch won’t show up. Be that as it may, you can copy its usefulness by tapping anyplace on your screen.


DismissProgress change enables you to incidentally hold the springboard restart and the gadget reboot that constrained by another escape change establishment. The change includes a ‘Nearby’ button on the upper right half of the Cydia screen, you can tap on the catch to keep utilizing Cydia


DoubleCut is an application that enables you to make an easy route prompting any one site, like the capacity of unikey alternate way or Points, with one single key for composing with one that you determine, it will immediately show the connection you’ve doled out to previously.


It for the most part just includes a menu you can summon by pulling down on an application switcher card. This lets you respring/reboot/murder all applications

Filza FIler Manager

Filza is one of the most downloaded applications from Cydia, and that is a direct result of what it offers. Apple will never give you a chance to get to your iOS record framework, not to mention tweak it,

Hide Bar X

It is an amazing tweak despite the fact that they enable you to do it on the Mac, with Finder. This application gives you that capacity, a method for investigating your record framework and accomplishing a wide range of things with the documents.

Keyboard Accio

Console Accio is another free escape change that merits looking. It makes the globe key utilized for exchanging between consoles switch between the first and second consoles designed in your console settings. This gives an approach to clients to rapidly switch between the two most favored consoles.


You’re going to see it with all gadget restrings, regardless of whether you’re doing as such from Cydia in the wake of introducing another escape change or restringing using an accessible route from one of your as of now proposed changes.


With this change, you can dispose of the capacity for others to be advised you are composing in iMessages. A component Apple neglected to incorporate with the Messages application. Arrange straightforwardly from Settings > General > Messages > Typing Indicator


With NoDNDBanner introduced, you’re allowed to flip on Do Not Disturb mode on your handset without taking a gander at the standard appeared above when you see your Lock screen. Instead, the whole land of the Lock screen will be devoted to missed notice flags.


With an as of late released escape change named OhMyFlash Jailbreak Tweak by iOS engineer NoisyFlake, you can shield this from occurring. The difference executes a customizable break period, after which your iPhone’s back-facing streak usually is slaughtered.


The password is required to open the gadget, wake it up, or to turn it on in the wake of restarting. Once the password lock has been initiated, it must be entered before you, or any other individual can get to instant messages put away on the gadget.


Numerous engineers have just been working off-camera to refresh their change for iOS 12. This implies you are going to discover many important escape changes for your iPhone or iPad on Cydia right away. This is one of the best ones.


RealCC is a necessary escape change enabling you to kill Wi-Fi and Bluetooth from iOS Control Center. It doesn’t handicap the settings briefly, it turns them off. This change is good with iOS 11, iOS 12, and iOS 13 jailbroken gadgets. Introduce RealCC from the official Cydia Repository for nothing.


On the off chance that you are an iOS theming fan, you will, without a doubt, like to modify the presence of your PassCode catches. This is the place PassButtonStyle comes in.

PassButtonStyle Cydia change, created by CydiaGeek, gives you a chance to style your PassCode fasten effectively. Despite the fact that TouchID is significantly more famous, pass code fastens still have their place.


A free escape change called SleepyTime by iOS engineer SparkDev upgrades iOS’ caution interface by showing the time staying before at least one of your alerts shoot.


SmallSiri is another free escape change by iOS designer Muirey03 that takes care of this issue by making the Siri interface generally a similar tallness as a standard notice flag.


Being an interface that generally does not have a Status Bar, clients are left with no time, battery, or sign quality data whenever they’re highly involved with utilizing the App Switcher.


SwipeForMore enables you to swipe on a change so as to get to introduce and uninstall choices. It can spare you time, since you don’t need to explore into a change’s individual page so as to oversee it.


Its primary design is simple. Flip among front and back cameras by twofold tapping the review window in the stock camera app. There are no choices to arrange. Empower/Disable switch accessible in settings.

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