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Tips To Organise The Most Fun-filled Weekend In Edinburgh 

Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland is a great tourist attraction for many nature lovers, historians, and fans of the famous Harry Potter Series. This is the city that inspired JK Rowling to write the description for her infamous Hogwarts school. If you are up for a fun-filled weekend in Edinburgh, you should know what places to explore without wasting time. 

If you are living in London, you can easily look for the London To Edinburgh Train – Tickets & Timetable and enjoy a scenic ride to the city. Here are a few places that you should visit when planning a weekend away in Edinburgh. 

  1. Go For A Hike On Arthur’s Seat

Arthur’s seat is Scotland’s famous extinct volcano that is located 251 m above sea level. Scotland takes pride in housing an extinct volcano in a picturesque landscape. You can explore this beauty on your weekend trip to Edinburgh. 


Make sure to pack your hiking boots or rent a bicycle if you do not want to climb the steep slope on foot. A bicycle ride is not only adventurous but also saves you time. 

  1. Visit Edinburgh Castles To Get A Royal Feel

Castles are the beauty of Scotland. When you are visiting Edinburgh,  make sure to sneak a peek at Edinburgh Castle to get all the royal feel over the weekend. You can explore the castle on your own or book a guided tour if you want to know the historic perspective of the castle as well. 

You can also take Instagram-worthy pictures in the castle’s botanical garden or enjoy your evening tea there. You can also visit this place if you want your kids to play in meadows or if you are just looking for a romantic getaway with your partner. 

  1. Spend Time In Leith 

Leith is the rising cosmopolitan district that offers a wide range of entertainment for tourists as well as the locals. You can visit the place if you are on a weekend trip with your group of friends, or even if you are exploring Edinburgh alone and you want to experience its culture. 

You can enjoy musical nights, and theatrical performances, eat your heart out in the streets of Leith, or just shop til you drop. It is a great place to spend time with your friends and have a fun Scottish night. 

  1. Shop At Victoria Street 

Victoria Street in Edinburgh is famous for its boutiques. If you are visiting this beautiful city for some shopping, this is the place where you would want to go. 

You can find high-end designer dresses at local shops selling traditional and contemporary dresses at lower prices. 

  1. Enjoy A Sunny Day At Portobello Beach 

When you have a sunny day on your hand, the best way to spend it in Edinburgh is to visit Portobello beach. It is a coastal spot located just outside the city centre and offers a variety of activities. 

You can lie down on a sandy beach and soak up all the Vitamin D that the sun is providing, or you can hit the amusement arcade. There is plenty to explore. 


Mumtaz Khan
Mumtaz Khan
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