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Learning More About Dermaplaning and Chemical Peels

Taking care of your skin is very important. Skin that has been poorly cared for may be greasy, it may be full of blemishes, or it may look gray and tired. Rejuvenating your skin, and helping to restore its glow requires persistence. Having facials treatments in addition to your regular facial care routine will help you get more radiant looking skin. Two treatments that can be beneficial to your skin and skincare routine are chemical peels and dermaplaning. Learning about them and understanding how they can benefit you will help you see why they will be a necessity in your beauty and skincare regime.

What is a Chemical Peel

A chemical peel involves an acid being placed on your face, covering all areas, including those thinner areas (such as your eyes) and those thicker areas (such as your cheeks). You may exfoliate regularly, but you may find that you struggle to remove all the dead and damaged skin on your face. To eradicate this, you need to have a chemical peel. There are various chemical peels that you can have, and a dermatologist or skincare professional will be able to help you find the one that is best for your skin. For example, some chemical peels can focus on problems for those who have acne prone skin. While other peels can be focused on brightening and rejuvenating the skin. These may contain extra vitamins, such as vitamin C and aloe vera, which can help boost the appearance and feel of your skin.

Why Dermaplaning is a Beauty Essential

Dermaplaning is a process that involves a medical grade scalpel being softly moved over the face. During this process excess dirt and dead skin will be removed. Dermaplaning can help to brighten the skin, and it can help to restore that youthful glow and complexion.

Where to Go to Get These Skincare Treatments

You must turn to professional estheticians to have a chemical peel or dermaplaning treatment. These are not treatments that you want to attempt on your own at home. If they are carried out incorrectly, you can suffer damage to your skin. Visiting a medical spa like Dermani Medspa will give you access to estheticians who are experienced and fully licensed. Skincare professionals will be able to provide you guidance at an appointment or when you have a treatment, and this is what you need. Going to the professionals is going to help you get results. It is going to help you improve how your skin feels and looks.

Aftercare and Follow Up Treatments

When you have had a chemical peel, it is important to focus on good aftercare. Your skin will feel more sensitive, and it will need a little bit of extra TLC. It is highly recommended, therefore, that you avoid any unnecessary heat for a few days after having your peel. So, no sauna days, no sunbathing, and no hot face washes. It is also recommended that you minimize the products that you use on your face. For example, you could find it beneficial to have a few make-up free days. When you have a dermaplaning session, you need to think about aftercare. This is because you will also notice your skin is sensitive, so avoid your regular facial routine for at least 24 hours after your session. Try to avoid using harsh soaps afterward and do not use hot water.

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