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Telenor Free First Call Offer Price, Subscribe, Unsubscribe, Terms & Condition

Telenor is one of the top telecommunication companies in Pakistan. They offer high quality SIMs that customers are using all over the country. Telenor strives hard to give their customers some of the best services. If you are worried that you have to load your credit every other day there is a sigh of relief. All the customers can avail best internet, call and SMS Telenor packages. These packages can be used on daily, monthly or weekly basis. Here are more details about the Telenor free first call offer:

What do you get in the Telenor Free first call offer?

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The Telenor Free First call offer is one of the best offers that you can use. Telenor will give you first free call for the day. It means that once you activate this offer for the first time every day you can enjoy unlimited calls for one whole week. You can make as many calls as you want within 12 am to 12 pm. It is easy to avail Telenor free call without balance if you have subscribed to this package. You will get unlimited free on-net minutes for making calls.

It is easy to stay connected with your friends and family even when you are away for work or other purposes. The validity of this package will last for about one week. There will be a lot of fun keeping your budget in control. You don’t have to fear while making long phone calls as this offer will facilitate you well. The price of this package is also affordable and will once again help you save up some money. Users need to have only 5 Rs to subscribe to this offer.

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How can you subscribe to the Telenor Free first call offer?

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You can subscribe to the Telenor free first call offer here are the following steps you need to follow:

  • Users need to dial *888# to activate this package
  • The activation charges will be Rs. 5 including taxes
  • All the prepaid Telenor users can subscribe to this package
  • This offer will be valid for seven days

Terms and Conditions

Here are terms and conditions that you need to know about:

  • This offer will be free for 30 days, for all those users who have purchased a new SIM
  • There are no call setup charges
  • The charges for this package activation will be 5 Rs only that includes taxes
  • Re-subscribing this offer during these seven days will not be valid
  • Telenor has the right to make changes or withdraw any offer they want anytime
  • Even the mechanics of this offer including prices are subject to change
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