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Sword Art War of Underworld Part 2 Episode 1 Release Date, Plot & Spoilers

Sword Art war of the underworld is coming back with a second installment and fans are very excited to know it. The anime revolves around an interesting concept and nowadays anime series are getting a lot of popularity worldwide. The concepts are quite innovative and the character sketch is written in the most interesting way. The makers of the anime keep the audience’s likes and dislike in mind before coming up with the final version of the series. In today’s post, we will be discussing all the latest information we have about the anime so far so don’t forget to give it a complete read.

Summary of Sword Art War of Underworld Part 2

Sword Art War of Underworld 1

The theme of the sword art war of the underworld revolves around an underworld. There are a total of 20,000 players that will compete with each other and attack or slaughter everyone from the army. Asuna, Alice, Bercouli, Renly, and Sheytafight are part of the American players and they deal with the creatures to win the stages in the underworld. There is a dark Knight’s dragon that is very dangerous and flies around Vecta spots Alice while there are some of the most important commanders. Iskahn is very worried about this situation and he wants to save his friends at all costs so he grabs the weapons he has and makes a deal with Asuna.

He is very furious and wants to get revenge for what happened with his friends. Alice loses her consciousness when she sees the commanders arriving very close to her. Iskahn wants Asuna to build up a bridge from where he can cross the border to reach the American players. Vecta is very dangerous and the twist comes when his bird catches Alice and they move into World’s End alter. Bercouli chases them and he wants to save Alice when she has already out of her senses. Vassago is another interesting character and the decoy force surrounding the Americans suddenly appear and the battle between them is quite intense.

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Is there a preview of Sword Art War of Underworld Part 2?

Sword Art War of Underworld 3

The preview of Sword Art War of Underworld is very interesting and you can watch it if you like. The promo is quite intense and you can get an idea of what is happening in the series. The theme is interesting and so are the characters so you are definitely going to enjoy it a lot. The makers are not revealing the story rather they have their own exciting ways to entice the viewers. The interesting promos and previews will increase your bar of expectations.

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Sword Art of War of Underworld Part 2 episode 1 release date

Sword Art of War of Underworld episode 1 will be released on Sunday, July 12th, 2020. The latest episodes will be released every Sunday and it is going to be a lot of entertainment. There are a total of 7-8 volumes which will be covered in this entire anime. If you are not familiar with anime series or haven’t tried one as yet it’s about time you do it. The anime series is worth a try and you won’t be disappointed.

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