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Andrew Cuomo Net Worth, Career Highlights, Age, Relationships, Early Life & More

Andrew Cuomo is an American politician who has got a big net worth. He is the 56th Governor of New York and has started working at the office for many years now. You will be surprised to know that is the son of the three terms Governor of New York Mario Cuomo. His brother Chris Cuomo is also a popular figure and has been working as a correspondent for CNN. Andrew is managing everything well and is appreciated as a political figure. You want to know more about this political personality read the following details.

Early Life and Bio

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Andrew was born on December 6th, 1957 in New York and is 63 years old currently. Both his parents emigrated from Italy and his late father has also been a Governor. His brother and sister are also famous figures. Chris Cuomo is a correspondent at CNN while Maria Cuomo is a producer and director of many important films. They have another sister Margaret who is a doctor and all of them are very close to each other. Andrew graduated from the St. Gerard Majella’s School in 1971 and Archbishop Molloy High School in 1975. He completed his B.A. degree from Fordham University in 1979 and J.D. from Albany Law School in 1982.

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Net Worth and Annual salary

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The total net worth of Andrew happens to be $5 million and he is one of the richest political figures. He is an active lawyer and politician and in 2010 he revealed the report about his wealth. Andrew made $1 million every year starting from 2004 and worked as an advisor to the real estate tycoon Andrew Farkas. He also earned a big amount of $650,000 through some book royalties. Being the Governor of New York he earns Cuomo earns a salary of $200,000 annually.


The entry of Andrew into politics has been accidental as he was serving for his father’s political campaigns. He also started working as a policy advisor on a salary of $1 per year. He was the Assistant District Attorney for New York and worked at the law firm of Blutrich. Cuomo was a popular democratic nomination for Governor and defeated Republican Carl Paladino in 2010. While serving as a Governor he started helping the poor and needy while has liberal political views too. He had to oversee the law for same-sex marriage and passed a bill for lowering the taxes for the middle class. Andrew also introduced a lot of scholarships for bright students and made tuition charge-free.

Relationships, Dating, and Kids

Andrew has been in a relationship and married few times too. His first wife was Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy. They have got three daughters together and two of them are twins. However, they separated in 2003 and finally got a divorce in 2005. After the divorce, he fell in love again and started dating Food Network host Sandra Lee. They moved in together but after sometime announced that they are parting ways. He got married four times but the marriages couldn’t last for long.

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