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Super Catboy To Launch In 2022

Assemble Entertainment has revealed a brand new release date for their video game Super Catboy. If you are excited about the video game, then this post will be an interesting one for you. Super Catboy will be launching sometime soon. The gamers are excited about the video game. Super Catboy is one of the most anticipated games of 2022 so far. Here is all you need to know about the latest video game.

Super Catboy Release Date

Super Catboy is slated for 2022. The exact release date of the game is not out as yet. We are hoping to get a release date soon. The schedule for the release of the game has been a question mark. This is nothing new considering that half the games that were slated to release last year have been pushed back. Many video games have changed their dates. The team has this game earmarked for a launch sometime in Spring 2022. The exact release date hasn’t been revealed. The developers are yet to formalize a month. There is a chance that the video game might get pushed again.

Super Catboy Trailer

The company has released a new gameplay trailer of the Super Catboy. The trailer features a commentary. You can enjoy the trailer below to know more about the video game.

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Super Catboy Gameplay

Super Catboy is a delightful and energetic game. The video game is an adventure platformer and will follow the exploits of the main character Catboy. The video game will feature the eccentric, gun-touting Weapon Girl and many newer features. The Catboy will jump, climb, claw, and shoot through the dastardly mutated doggos. You will be able to confront and defeat the evil Dr. Ungefug. The video game is designed and modernized in a pixel style. The developers have captured the nostalgic essence of eras and have combined it with some of the newest ideas of the present.

Super Catboy: What is it about?

The team has released a new video showing the viewers what to expect in Super Catboy. The video game is equipped with an arsenal of firearms. The Catboy and his punchy sidekick Weapon Girl will visit the snow-capped mountain ranges, mystical forests, derelict factories. They will be in true cat fashion and will commit cat crimes. They will be trespassing on private property.

The Super Catboy is an action-packed platformer and a fast-paced game. It will have diverse gameplay and will combine the spirit of 90s run’n’gun mechanics. The players will be able to unravel the story’s yarn and will get to witness detailed pixel art cut scenes. You will witness a wide variety of levels and will be a heaping a load of cat content. If you are looking for an action-packed video game, then Super Catboy is the perfect video game for you.

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