throughout The country has brought storm “Eberhard” countless trees to fall over and in Thuringia, a village isolated from the outside world. On the only connecting road to Föritztal-monk’s mountain (district Sonneberg), prevented on Sunday a plurality of cross-trees, the drive-through, the police announced. As the fire Department tried to eliminate these, to fell more trees, so the work was postponed for security reasons.

Several monk Berger, who were not home, were housed from fire, or relief organizations. “The bulk of the monk Berger knows, probably not even about the fact that you can’t drive to work in the Morning”, – stated in the message of the police. Also in the village of the interior of the storm showed its consequences: In the whole village, the power went out on Sunday.

“Eberhard” and the Commute after the storm

After the high winds of Sunday, the situation will normalize in rail traffic on Monday morning, probably only gradually. It’s still strong restrictions would result in “” both for long – Distance and regional traffic, said a rail spokeswoman early Monday morning. In the course of the day, but the long-distance transport to and from the Ruhr area to roll again. The Regional and S-Bahn in NRW have started operating again. The high-speed line between Cologne and Frankfurt was free again and could be restricted from driving, it said.

Because a number of trees were on the tracks and fell and for a power failure in the important interlocking food were taken care of, was the trains in North Rhine-Westphalia on Sunday afternoon, have been completely stopped. Many travelers stranded in stations. In cities such as Dortmund, Duisburg, Cologne or in Berlin, the train stay trains had provided, where stranded passengers could spend the night.

motorists dies due to tree

storm “Eberhard” was swept on Sunday with gusts of up to wind force 11 and 12 only North Rhine-Westphalia and parts of lower Saxony, before it reached the evening of Thuringia and Saxony. In Bestwig, hochsauerlandkreis, a motorist died when an uprooted tree while driving in his car. In Chemnitz, a man was seriously injured when his van blown down.

severe weather warning in Germany

Live-shows map of where the storm is raging deep “Eberhard” – motorists of the tree

By Patrick Rösing

forces killed the country fought across Thousands of operations with fallen trees and covered the house roofs. In Thuringia, a village was cut off by transverse trees completely from the outside world. Since the attempted eviction on Sunday for more trees to collapse, postponed, due to work security. Also in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, it came to several hundreds of inserts because of the storm, while the Northern provinces remained largely from “Eberhard” spared.

The German weather service (DWD) lifted its severe weather warnings on Monday night. The experts warned just before the Gale-force gusts, especially in high altitudes. “It’s still a bit windy, but largely over,” said a DWD spokesman early in the Morning.

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